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WhatsApp Heart Emojis Meaning: Know About Heart Emoji Colors

Each heart colour emoji is of different meaning. Therefore, it is time to examine the importance of the heart colour emojis. Most of us did not consider the purpose of the heart emoji sending them on what’s app. Do you know that there are 20 heart-coloured emojis available on the standard keyword? In addition, people get the option to send multiple heart-coloured emojis to their loved ones. Some 67% of people feel that heart emojis are funnier, more excellent and friendlier. Find here – Everything to Know About Each WhatsApp heart emojis Meaning.

Such emojis are the most comfortable way to share feelings in traditional conversations. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand the meaning behind the different colours of Whatsapp heart emojis. Then, you use the proper heart colour emoji to express your feelings to your loved ones.

What do the Different Colours of WhatsApp Hearts Emoji?

Yellow Heart Emoji Meaning

Yellow Heart

The yellow heart shows the use of gentle energy. It shows the use of the familiar relationship and friendship. The use is of the most section, which comes on Mother’s Day. You can share your emotions with your close ones, mom and grandmother. Show your love and concern to the supportive figures in your life by using the WhatsApp yellow colour heart Emoji.

Blue Heart Emoji Meaning

Blue Heart
WhatsApp Blue heart Emoji delivers the message of bro energy. It is something related to the classic collegiate tone. Therefore, the use of the royal blue color comes to mind. The sort of shallow friendship implies the use of the blue heart. Don’t send the blue heart to the person whom you don’t trust in your life. On the other hand, it is good to add the blue add in the random group chats.

Purple Heart Emoji Meaning

Purple Heart

Purple considers the horny emoji. You can start sharing that emoji shamelessly calling your girlfriend in the conversation. Therefore, the use of the Whatsapp Purple Heart Emoji is cannon for you. The Purple Heart arrives in your group family chat conversation, then consider it the grandpa’s Purple Heart.

White Heart Emoji Meaning

White Heart

The new addition in the emoji section is the white heart. It looks minimal and clean. Furthermore, it is an excellent and bland heart. Show your support to your close people by sending them the Whatsapp white heart emoji. However, don’t use the white heart emoji at the time to show support for the pet loss. On the other hand, you can use the red heart emoji to offer your help with the loss of the pet.

Brown Heart Emoji Meaning

Brown Heart

The brown heart emoji is for brown and black people. You can use the brown heart emoji to support brown and black people. However, if you want to show solidarity with the white people, in that case, use the classic red heart emoji.

Anatomical Heart Emoji Meaning

Anatomical Heart

The newer addition is the anatomical heart, which happened in 2020. The anatomical heart turns out as the perfect combination of cute and creepiness. Medical students, lovers and friends use emojis with a sense of humor.

Orange Heart Emoji Meaning

Orange Heart

The orange heart is the coward red heart emoji. However, the couples use the emoji to show their noncommittal in their relationship. The orange heart emoji is close to the red heart. The couples are unsure about the relationship status, so they use the Whatsapp orange heart emoji.

Red Heart Emoji Meaning

Red Heart

The red heart is the most romantic heart emoji. Additionally, it is the most basic one appearing on the list. It looks impressive when you send or receive the red heart emoji for the first time. The WhatsApp Red Heart emoji is spiritual love, timeless and supportive emoji. It indicates the honeymoon of the start of the new relationship.

Green Heart Emoji Meaning

Green Heart

The people send the green heart emoji to their mutual. There is no concern about the green heart emoji with environmental awareness. Meanwhile, people use Whatsapp green hearts emoji to show their friendly side.

Broken Heart Emoji Meaning

Broken Heart

Show disappointment to your partner on a particular issue using the broken heart emoji. The broken heart emoji is in a cringe-worthy context. The use of the emoji is to bring out the guilt of the person. In such situations, phone calls are the best to deal with things in the best way.

Black Heart Emoji Meaning

Black Heart

Ironically, the use of the black heart is for the embarrassing, deep, romantic form of love. However, don’t use the Whatsapp black heart emoji for the person to whom you are casually dating.

Two Static Pink Hearts Emoji Meaning

Two Static Pink Hearts

The two static pink hearts look super flirty. These pink hearts are the entry-level emoji to show your feelings while dating. The static two pink hearts emoji consists of the top energy levels for the BFFs.

Heart Exclamation point Emoji Meaning

Heart Exclamation point

The heart exclamation point is the funny and manic energy emoji. It comes with a versatile application of it. The exclamation points on the heart imply your excitement for the special relationship. You can use the emoji to show your setting and make dating plans with your close ones.

Vibrating Pink Heart Emoji Meaning


Vibrating Pink Heart
The vibrating pink heart emoji displays your concern for people’s emotions. It can happen when you go on the emotional edge with the person. The emoji is best for showing your confessions of love, concern and apologies.

Orbiting Pink Hearts Emoji Meaning

Orbiting Pink Hearts

The orbiting pink hearts are the mind mend heart. It is an excellent emoji to show your mixed emotions while you start dating someone. Add such emoji in your texts while talking to your partner in a relationship.

Sparkle Heart Emoji Meaning

Sparkle Heart

Sparkle heart looks like the neutral god emoji. It is a cute and playful emoji that does not show your partner heavy romantic feelings. Instead, you can use the emoji to foster a sense of appreciation for a particular person talking to you.

Pink Heart Glowing in Size Emoji Meaning

Pink Heart Glowing in Size

Some scholars implicate that the pink heart with the glowing size shows a beating heart. Instead, it is a complimenting emoji that shows the apology tour.

Heart with an arrow Emoji Meaning

Heart with an arrow through it

The lesser-used symbol is the heart with an arrow through it. The traditionalists believe that the heart with an arrow through it indicates the signs of new love blossoming in the couples. Still, a heart with an arrow through it is the underestimated emoji to show the signs of love.

Pink heart wrapped with ribbon Emoji Meaning

Pink heart wrapped with ribbon
A pink heart wrapped with ribbon justifies that my heart is yours and take it. It becomes hard to justify the things happening in a nonromantic relationship.

Final Words

We shared the meaning of heart emojis with you. It is helpful to understand the importance of emojis in the best ways. The next time you can use these WhatsApp heart emojis in the right way to express your feelings to your loved ones.

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