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When should you replace your mattress?

After toiling hard throughout the day, you need to rest and enjoy at least 8 hours of sleep. This depends on the comfort ensured by your bed mattress. Hence, special attention should be paid to selecting the Top rated mattress brands that suit your body type and requirements. At the same time, it should be analyzed whether it is serving the purpose or not. Otherwise, it must be replaced. If you continue to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress it would lead to several health hazards ranging from backache, spondylitis, allergies to lethargy, and insomnia.

Thus, if you observe the following, you should replace your bed mattress to evade sleep deprivation.

The mattress is 7-8 years old

Usually, the longevity of a mattress is around 8 years. So if the mattress you are using is 7-8 years old, it is high time you buy a new mattress now. After years of wear and tear, the quality of the material deteriorates. This process of depletion of the quality depends on the factors like your weight, your sleep pattern, whether you sleep alone or not. 

Even the best quality mattress does not last forever and hence within the period of its lifespan it should be replaced.

The mattress is disfigured

Mattresses of almost all materials like foam, fiber, and spring break down when it is overused. They start sagging and a dent is observed on the surface. Saggy mattresses cause immense discomfort and induce health problems. The mattress breaks down and starts sagging at the edges and under your sleep area.

The moment you observe your mattress in such a disfigured shape you should decide to replace it.

The mattress is not aligning your spine

Ideally, the mattress should offer support to your spine when you are sleeping. In the case of the people who sleep on their belly or their back, the S-shaped curve should remain evident while sleeping but if it gets flattened, it denotes that the mattress is not properly aligning the spine.

Again, in the case of people who sleep on their sides, their spine should remain straight from the neck onwards but if the mattress doesn’t offer any support it creates a gap between the body and the mattress. This situation should be avoided to evade back problems and spondylitis. Hence,d on observing these signs, you should change your mattress.

Your mattress is causing discomfort

Often people fail to recognize that they have been sleeping in a state of discomfort because they develop the tendency to adjust to discomfort. For instance, if you feel that you had better sleep on a different mattress other than the regular one, it denotes that probably your mattress is neither supporting your body nor ensuring your comfort. The top layer of a mattress called the comfort layer serves this purpose. After years of use when this comfort layer loses its abilities, it starts giving you back pain. This is when you should replace the mattress.

You wake up with back pain

Often people wake up with a sore back and this chronic back pain originates from the sleeping problem. While sleeping if the body does not get proper support you start developing low back pain. At the time waking up, it worsens. In such a situation you should consider consulting a doctor and also changing the mattress.

People have the notion that firm mattresses are healthy. But medical professionals believe that medium-firm mattresses are the best in curing back pain.

You are facing an allergy problem

If you are suffering from an allergy, probably the reason behind it is the dust mites in your mattress. Generally, these settle on the surface and the protein substance in the faeces of dust mite cause an allergic reaction and may also lead to an asthma attack.

This why the mattress should be regularly vacuumed or cleaned. But if, even after vacuuming and cleaning the mattress, your allergy and the asthma problem persist then you should replace it.

The Final Piece Of Advice

After considering these aspects, if you feel that you have to replace your mattress, you should do some basic research about different products available in the market along with their warranty.

You should also compare the price online and offline. For example, the Centuary mattress range may be different Online and Offline. In the case of online shopping, the mattressmay include some discounts as well.

Most importantly remember the reason you are replacing your mattress. So while getting a new one, focus on resolving that issue. For instance, if you are replacing it for back pain, then choose a mattress that offers proper support and alignment to your body.

It is only after considering all these factors, that you should replace your mattress.

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