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Work From Home- A Boon or Bane.

The pandemic has changed our formula with our lives tremendously over the last few months, the things that felt normal a year ago seems awfully new and different right now, one such major change that we went through is the work from home scenario. Though a necessity and a blessing in disguise we have a variety of things we miss from our office, our cabins with the laminated glass doors, our colleagues who saved us from various dramas, our beloved coffee machine and much more.


Remember in the morning, getting ready for the office in a huge hurry and barely making it to the office on time? it was an adrenaline rush of its own. Most of us felt work from home was amazing in the beginning because we could be in our sloppy and comfortable pyjamas all day every day while eating anything that we put our heart to. But now, we are tired of how much work from home has made our lives hectic and monotonous meanwhile confining us to the boring four walls of our room.

Another thing that we long for is the clean and beautiful infrastructures of our office and of course the centralized air conditioning. There used to be laminated glass doors and glass windows with couches and rolling chairs that made us feel a little special even without us realizing it. The filthy coffee mugs and the specific smell of the coffee room everything seems like a long lost memory right about now.

Our colleagues and friends who have had our backs on multiple occasions, who we have had coffee with every single day and with whom we discussed netflix shows and the affairs of various people. They were always there as soon as you turned around and they high fived you when the boss cancelled the meeting now all you are left with is sending a hand symbol on our zoom chats.

Work from home has been a difficult path to walk in even with respect to the workload we were bundled with, there was so much to do with how much ever good or bad internet we had, talking to people each in their own remote places posed a huge challenge.


Though a million things have changed in the past couple of months, it is important we remember to be grateful every single day to have the privilege of being home and being safe. We have been incredibly blessed to enjoy the coziness of our room, be able to eat three meals a day and keep ourselves safe when the whole world was getting ruled by a tiny virus.

At the end of the day, humans are the most adaptable creatures the universe has produced, we find a way to cope with anything that is thrown at us and this year has been quite evident to prove our versatility. We braved the virus, we helped each other and everyday with various sad news moving around there were still instances of hope that made its way through to our lives. So, as much as we can let us stay in our home and stay safe till whenever the goodness of the world demands it, we owe this much to our mother earth and fellow humans.

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