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10 Great Ray-Ban Styles For Men’s Sunglasses

If ever there was a classic American style, Ray-Ban sunglasses would be the go-to accessory to complete the look. Created in 1938 by Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses were first developed for Army fighter pilots to counteract the intense blues and whites they encountered while flying at high altitudes. The sunglasses were the first of their kind to offer anti-glare plastic green lenses that blocked blue light and were impact-resistant. Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer model was introduced in 1952, and since then, both the Aviator and Wayfarer models have become synonymous with classic American style and the Ray-Ban brand. Of course, they didn’t stop designing after it launched its first two models. Today, there is a whole host of great-looking mens prescription sunglasses to choose from that will suit every face and preference.

Here are the ten best Ray-Ban sunglasses styles for men:

1. RB3025 Aviator

You know the originals had to top the list. These lightweight, full-rimmed metal frames are constructed from a corrosion-resistant metal alloy that retains its shape and resists warping. The frames come in more than a dozen different colors with a vast array of color options available for the lenses. There are so many fabulous color combinations, you’ll have trouble choosing just one.

2. RB2140F Wayfarer Classic                                             

Wayfarer Classics are the definition of cool. Popular with celebrities, they exude confidence and style and are available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses. You can pick the classic black frames, something funkier like red or blue with striped temples, or a pair of sophisticated tortoiseshell frames.

3. RB2132 New Wayfarer

An updated version of the original classic, the New Wayfarer has a slightly smaller frame and a softer eye shape. They are every bit as suave and versatile as the original, with all the same great combinations available to choose from.

4. RB3016 Clubmaster

Also one of the most popular Ray-Ban prescription glasses is the Clubmaster, a browline design with colored plastic brows and metal rims in a variety of finishes. This design works well as both sunglasses and optical glasses, perfect if you want a seamless look indoors or out.

5. RB3138 Shooter

If aviator frames could possibly get any cooler, the Ray-Ban Shooters would have to be it. They have a sort of vintage state trooper vibe with close-set, generously sized lenses, ultra-thin temples, and a double-brow with acetate detail on the top. Perhaps best of all, the Shooters have a vintage-inspired, vanity “bullet hole” in the center of the frame.

6. RB4165 Justin

Another take on the Wayfarer Classic is the Justin frame. Justins take hip to the next level with their rubberized frames and slightly larger rectangle lenses that come in a variety of colors. The frames themselves come in some wild color options — red, violet, blue, fuchsia, turquoise and matte blue — in addition to the classic black, brown, gray, and tortoise.

7. RB8318CH Chromance

If you’d like the understated elegance of a Secret Service agent or jet-setting CEO, the Chromance may be just the ticket. Sleek metal frames with carbon fiber temples and futuristic Chromance lenses are as comfortable as they are good-looking, and they come in several great metallic finishes.

8. RB3030 Outdoorsman I

A slight variation on the Shooter, the Outdoorsman 1 also has a vintage vibe with an enhanced brow bar, crystal lenses, and cable temples that wrap around your ears and offer a more secure fit for all your outdoor activities.

9. RB3548N Hexagonal

For something truly unique, choose the Ray-Ban Hexagonals with a — no surprise here — hexagonal lens shape. The metal frames come in Arista gold, copper, and gunmetal, with polycarbonate lenses in either a gradient or mirror-flash finish.

10. RB3445

They may not have a fancy name, but these Ray-Ban frames are not short on style! They are ideal for most face shapes, are comfortable, and fit your face like a glove. Its elbow-wrapped plates hide the hinge hardware, giving a sleek, semi-wraparound look to these great, masculine frames.

Without a doubt, ray ban prescription glasses and sunglasses are the epitome of men’s style. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone you love, nothing makes a better addition to your wardrobe than a pair of Ray-Bans. Visit Safety Gear Pro to find all these styles and more in prescription and non-prescription lenses

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