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15 Wedding Accessories For Gorgeous Indian Brides 2024

Every Indian bride dreams of a beautiful and elegant look in the marriage. Marriage day is very important and special for every woman. You should want your favourite designer lehengas and chunnis. You must have paid a huge buck of money on it but also paid attention to wedding accessories for the bride. Bridal accessories give a stunning look at the wedding. Many brides don’t pay attention to their bridal look, but they have to be aware of it. We recommend some marriage accessories for a bride that heightens the look if you are the bride or you will go for another’s marriage.

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15 Wedding Accessories For Indian Bride

Bridal Shoes which you never forget

Do you remember the story of Cinderella? Her beautiful shoes changed her destiny and made her a princess of a handsome prince. Shoes are highly demanding Indian wedding accessories. You must buy a pair of shoes which is fitting with your dress. Some brides prefer only one shoe for her wedding, which is she wearing with every dress at her ceremony, but some brides are choosing many pairs of shoes to wear with every single piece of her wedding. You should avoid high heels at your wedding party because it causes pain.

Nail polish that brightens your nails

Girls are always obsessed with superb nail colours that shine their nails and smoothly polish them. Before the wedding, every woman cares about their nails and chooses an elegant colour that matches their wedding outfit. Maroon, red, dark orange and golden all are classic colours that recommend as wedding accessories for an Indian bride. You should all the time choose a decent nail colour that matches your skin complexion. Because nail polish is a sober hand accessory for wedding.

Purse, a little companion of a bride

A bride always carries a hand purse with her on a special day, like a close friend. She never forgets to hold a purse. A girl puts everything in the purse, like lipstick, phone, hanky, and other things. It is a small world for her. She holds it where ever she goes. Nowadays, a potli type purse is a trend as wedding accessories or use the bridal clutch for the wedding. If we’ll open a girl’s, we find makeup kits in the purse. A bride may put everything in her purse even her husband also.

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Maang tikka, a traditional jewellery

Indian brides sometimes forget or avoid such accessories to cut off the budget. But there is a list of bridal accessories which are essential for every bride. Maang tikka is an important accessory which brightens the beauty of a bride. Whether you have it or not, it is up to you. You must wear a maang tikka in your ceremony, but it should match your dress. It is a symbol of emotion, a new journey and love. Now we are shopping for wedding accessories online.

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Bindi is a mark of the wedding

Not only a bride but also every woman puts a bindi on her forehead. That enhances the look of a woman. Bindi is an identity of a bride. There are many colours like red, and maroon which are suitable for brides. Bindi has various shapes and sizes which are worn by women for fashion. This is a thing an Indian bride needs to buy for her wedding. How do you recognize a bride? If she wears a bindi, she is a bride.

Nath or nose ring: you love to wear

Nath is a piece of traditional jewellery for married women. It is a symbol of the identity of a wedding. Nath has different signs, it holds the heritage of Indian weddings. Nath or nose ring has different shapes and sizes. It is a thing a bride needs to buy for her traditional wedding. Nath can be worn either left or right side which depends according to their culture. Today some girl wears them for modern trends. Piercing their nose at her wedding ceremony is a tradition and it relates to the religious myth.

Earrings, don’t forget to wear

Without jhumka or any earrings, a bride cannot be completed. Earrings must be included in the wedding shopping list for Indian brides. A bride looks stunning when she wears a perfect matching earring with her attire. The humans have many designs, so the bride will choose according to her dress. For all the functions of the wedding, you can wear different types of earrings which you want. Gold earrings are suitable for weddings, but nowadays many brides prefer costume jewellery for their ceremony.

Neckpieces cover the bride’s glamourous neck

A heavy necklace is a significant piece of jewelry and an Indian wedding accessory for the bride. Many brides pick lightweight neck pieces for the functions, but some brides also prefer a heavier and multilayered designer necklace that brightens their look. This jewelry is a tradition of our country that creates a royal gesture for brides. It is a fabulous association of fashion and tradition. If we make a list of marriage items for the bride, we must include this jewelry item in the list.

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Armbands, a mixture of tradition and fashion

Do you know about the jewellery? Many brides don’t use armbands at their weddings, but some girls prefer this. It is an optional accessory. If you wear armbands on both of your hands, it enhances your look and you feel just like an Indian queen. Marriage is very special for the women, so they decorate themselves whatever they want. This bridal accessory is now available online also.

The wedding ring is every bride’s dream

A perfect wedding ring is the dream of every woman. It is an impressive hand accessory for weddings. Choosing a gorgeous ring is very difficult. A diamond ring is the first choice but gold and platinum rings are also in trend now. There are many ethical designer wedding rings, but if the rings are not affordable common middle-class people can not afford them. But nowadays there are huge options, so it is under your range.

Waistband, make your belly gorgeous

A waistband is a belly chain that is owned by Indian women to enhance the beauty of their lower belly parts. In the marriage ceremony, Indian women love to wear Waistbands. For a very long time, women used to wear waistbands with sarees but nowadays designers make customized waistbands as marriage accessories for the bride. In the regions of India, the Waistband is more popular as ‘Kamar bandh’. This accessory is one of the most used wedding accessories for brides across the whole region of India. This bridal accessory is made of colourful shiny stones, or sometimes with precious metals like gold,  the size can be large or small. Designers create waistbands with beautiful stones and beads matching the bridal attire.

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The anklet is a metallic ligature that Indian women wear around their feet. The anklet is one of the most important accessories for Indian weddings. Most of the time the Indian bridal dresses are lengthy and cover the legs, and an anklet grabs the attention of everyone whenever they look at the feet of the bride. Anklets are mainly made of silver and gold, but the present time the Indian brides prefer custom-made wedding accessories. Generally, anklets have tiny clinking bells, which create a chiming sound when the bride walks. These bridal accessories are much attractive, and often meenakari is done to make them more beautiful, along with pearls, beads, small stones of different colours, and bells.

Kalire, people will stare at your hands

It is mainly used by the brides of Punjab and Haryana. Kalire is a long, heavyweight dangler that has a shape like an umbrella. Usually, the siblings of a Punjabi bride tie the Kalire around the hands of the bride. In the old era, Punjabi people used to make this accessory with gold and other costly metals. But days are changed now. The brides of today enjoy customized Kalire made of artificial stones and beautiful beads on the day of the very wedding. Kalire looks beautiful like the chandeliers on the bangles of the bride’s hands. You can find beautiful designs of Kalire in the online stores as well.

Passa, a must-have

The very word ‘passa’ originated from an Urdu word that means ‘one sided’. Passa is bridal hair jewellery that is used on the left side of the head. Passa is pinned on the left life over the hair. It enhances the beauty of the top of the hair. At the present, this bridal accessory is paired up with bridal ethnics. It is perfect for a themed marriage ceremony. Since the Mughal era Passa is present in the category of a traditional wedding hair accessory. Passas can be made of different elements. A pearl passa carries the classic elegance of beauty. There an embellished passa in which modern elements are available that the beauty of a royal bride. Nowadays Passas has paired up beautifully with western bridal dresses also.

Toe rings, make your toe beautiful

The Toering is one of the oldest accessories. Brides use this thing at the wedding. Toe rings are made of precious metals like gold or silver. The toe ring works as the marital status of a woman in Indian culture. It carries a significant traditional belief in the wedding of India. Nowadays the modern brides wear toe rings just to enhance their styles. Wearing toe rings at the wedding is a famous wedding culture in the whole region of India. In the present day, designers make toe rings with matching shiny stones. The rings are suitable for the bride’s dress.

Choose your favourite accessories, pair these with your bridal attire, and grab the look of everyone. The several designs of different accessories will make your special day memorable for life. Mostly an Indian bride waits to look beautiful on her special day. Choose according to your choice and wear whatever you like. Look beautiful and elegant.


Here, in the above article, all the main accessories have been mentioned. Indian brides use those things. India is popular throughout the world for its rich culture and tradition. Indian bridal accessories carry one the significant roles in the life of an Indian bride. The wedding day is so special, especially for the brides.

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