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3 Components that Should Always Be Included in Teen Acne Treatment

Acne is no fun at any age, but it’s especially terrible as a teenager where everything matters so much more. You’d do anything to make the pimples go away and restore your face to its former glory. There are so many teen acne treatments out there and it’s hard to know which ones are the most effective. The important thing to remember is there needs to be three steps to the treatment: cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. You can purchase these products in drug stores, grocery stores, and even buy online. Keep reading to see what they can do for your skin.

Cleanser Washes Away Dirt and Grime

A good cleanser is a must for any teen acne treatment. Ingredients like tea tree oil help to remove oil and dirt packed deep within your pores. Oil removing oil sounds counterintuitive, but tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties that tackle skin bacteria and inflammation.

When you go to apply the cleanser, be sure not to scrub or use hot water so you don’t aggravate your skin. Skin irritation increases your chances of acne, so it’s best to avoid it when you can. Use your hands to apply the cleanser, then rinse and dry with a soft towel. It’s important to have clean skin before applying serums or moisturizers, so make sure you start out with a cleanser to wash away impurities and have a blank canvas ready for spot treatment and moisturizing.

Serums Are Effective Spot Treatments

While cleansers should be applied to your whole face, serums are more for spot treatment. If you have troublesome pimples or whiteheads, apply a serum with something like salicylic acid or glycolic acid to those areas specifically. These ingredients help to unclog pores and accelerate skin cell turnover, so you get rid of acne and replace it with fresh, healthy skin. Apply the serum with your fingers to affected areas and let your skin absorb it for five to fifteen minutes, or until your skin is dry. Make sure your skin is dry before moisturizing.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated with Moisturizer

While of course you want to eliminate acne and ensure you have clear skin, you don’t want to dry your skin out either. Dry, flaky skin can be itchy and uncomfortable. This is where a good moisturizer comes in.

Ingredients like white tea extract helps to soothe skin and clear up imperfections. Aloe vera juice is soothing and hydrating as well. Hydration is always important, and your skin is no exception to this. Moisturizing as the last step in your routine will ensure your skin doesn’t try out from the teen acne treatment regimen.

Teen Acne Treatment Is a Great Investment for Your Skin

Make sure to patch test each product before applying to your face in case you’re sensitive to any ingredients. Once you’ve done that, feel free to incorporate them into your personal care routine. This three-step treatment is the perfect way to keep your skin free of acne and hydrated.

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