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5 Beauty And Wellness Trends To Watch For In 2020

As the year 2020 has already begun, it’s time to say goodbye to the beauty and wellness trends of 2019 like metallic nails and unicorn hair and say hello to extra-long hair and gender neutral makeup.

With a tremendous potential of growth this year, the beauty and wellness industry is out with a new set of trends that’ll focus more on our physical and mental well-being. Visit for TrueBasics Multivit Women.

With the motto of “self-care and understanding individual needs”, various beauty and wellness specialists have put together some trends which can possibly be on everyone’s to-do list during this year.

Here’s a list of 5 trends which are on the rise during the year of 2020:

1. Sleep Therapy

It looks like what the doctors say about the importance of taking a complete eight hours sleep is unquestionably correct. Studies have found that people who get eight hours of sleep are tend to appear healthier, more rested and more attractive than those who stay up all night.

People often resort to various beauty treatments to make them look more awake and refreshed, and to boost their self-confidence. But in the long run, just simply getting enough sleep through the night could achieve the same aesthetic results.

What we call “Beauty Sleeps” and “Power Naps” can really affect our mental as well as physical health. These are said to be nature’s most powerful beauty treatments.

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2. Customized Vitamin Regimes

Vitamin regimes are about to become one of the biggest wellness trends of 2018. You can give your body the vitamins and minerals that it actually needs without paying a bomb. Getting into a habit of understanding what your body needs is really essential. Some vitamins like Vitamin C, D and E are extremely crucial in skincare as well as in curing many health ailments.

You can easily get customized vitamins according to your body needs. There are a number of brands and e-sellers like Care/of, Vitamin Packs, which provide vitamins according to your needs and deficiencies. You just have to simply take a quiz that covers your lifestyle, values, and goals and they’ll prepare and send customized vitamins for you.

Hair Vitamins are all the rage this year. Brands like SugarBearHair, HairAnew and Hairfinity are among the best hair growth vitamins and are extremely popular among celebrities as well.

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3. Clean Beauty

As the trend of organic food is continuously growing, people have shown a lot of interest in clean and non-toxic beauty as well. Natural and organic skincare products are now replacing the pre-existing chemical based products. Not only just the skincare products but makeup products are also being formulated using natural ingredients. Firms are now manufacturing fragrances and beauty products from terpenes, a hydrocarbon found in almost all plants that are loaded with significant health benefits and serve as a natural source of fragrance. Organic face masks, face packs, facial serums and moisturizers are becoming popular worldwide.

Charcoal, turmeric, honey, lemon, cucumber, ginseng, rice water and a number of other natural ingredients are being highly used for the development of these makeup and skincare products.  

Apart from Korean and Japanese beauty brands, western brands have also started focusing on eco-friendly organic makeup and beauty solutions. These products are proving to be safer and effective and have started to garner consumers’ trust.

Clean beauty also focuses on providing gender neutral products which can be used by both men and women. The beauty industry have started to focus on men’s grooming products as well and is finding ways to replace chemical based formulas into more natural ones.

4. Beauty Box Subscriptions

With the rapid increase of ECommerce, beauty subscription boxes came into trend lately. Since last year, the beauty box business has grown up to 800 per cent and will continue to grow even more this year.

A subscription business company sends you a package, usually once in a month, consisting of the products they’ve picked out for you. They also provide customized beauty boxes with items according to your needs and preferences.

Usually these boxes contain either skincare or makeup products while some boxes are curated as a mixture of both beauty and skincare. A maximum number of 5 to 6 products are provided in the boxes which can be either of full size or sample size.

Beauty Subscription Boxes have become a huge thing and are a unique way to excite and pamper yourself by paying just a small amount and getting a number of different products in a single box.

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5. Functional Fragrances

As the demand of naturalness and more functionality from everyday products is increasing, essential oils and natural fragrances have become a huge success in the market.

Apart from just being nice-smelling aromas, essential oils have healing properties due to their natural composition. They are made up of different plant compounds which often possess active healing properties.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, pure essential oils consists of dynamic components like lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, etc. which work with your body and your body’s chemistry for synergistic results. CBD oil is gaining popularity as it can reduce stress and anxiety when consumed orally or inhaled through aromatherapy.

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