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5 Diverse Ring Design to Style Every Women

Accessories are a must when you are opting for a high fashion statement for yourself. The necklaces, the anklets, and the bracelets have a special place in the jewelry box of every woman but it is the rings that will make a statement for you. There are millions of rings to choose from. The design, the stone, and even the mood of the ring depend on your taste. Some of the rings which will make your style statement a cool and elegant one are mentioned below:

1. Tube Rings

These rings are made of solid gold or silver and they are basically like a thick tube rolled into a ring. They can be worn with any outfit and are sure to make a good fashion statement at any high-end party. These rings are like the hooped earrings which are regularly worn by celebrities. The thick and round rings with a uniform symmetry will certainly give you an edge in any party at any time.

2. Signet Rings

Signet rings have a special place in fairytales. The entire ring is actually made of gold with the top being completely flat. Words or figurines can be stamped on the flat part. It can be the name of your beloved one, or anything meaningful. These rings have a special meaning and they are usually worn for at-home parties. Any accessory will always hold a special meaning if you choose to wear something with the name of your loved one engraved on it.

3. Birthstone Rings

These are the oldest types of rings that are available. These rings have a special sentiment as they feature a person’s birthstone on it. However, it being a traditional piece of jewelry does not mean that it has to be unfashionable. The birthstones are now being worn on a chain of gold which can only enhance the beauty of the bright stone on your finger. Wear the birthstone rings with pride as they reveal your personality more than any other accessory you could have ever bought. Buy friendship ring online – Partnerringe.

4. Cigar Rings

The cigar rings are extraordinarily thick and they have been gaining massive popularity in recent times. Their thick band of gold usually has a small diamond at their center which makes them look like one of the highest fashion accessories you have ever worn. The cigar rings are usually stacked with other light rings in order to provide a fun party look.

5. Engagement Rings

Some rings never go out of fashion. Engagement rings are one of them. Moissanite rings are being opted in the present times as they are hardy and glamorous at the same time. Oval moissanite rings look similar to diamonds and they are quite affordable as well. They make for a good addition to the beauty statement of a bride as well.

Cheap moissanite rings are usually bought by those who are not on a big budget but have a good eye for beauty in jewelry. The moissanite rings are gaining quite a bit of popularity among couples these days. However, all of the styles which have been mentioned above can be excellent choices for fashion statements for women.

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