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5 Health Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight Loss and Metabolism

When I first decided to get my life together by taking up a good fitness routine, I was bummed by how long we had to wait to see definite results.

So I decided to look up ways to lose weight faster and get quicker results. As it turns out, apparently massaging your stomach twice a day for two to three minutes is a great way to lose weight faster.

After reading this, I decided to try this out by lying face down in my top-quality massage recliner. After continuing this practice for two weeks, I did notice visible results of my workout and felt that I was getting healthier too!

So, being the Good Samaritan that I am, I am going to share some of the ways in which a stomach massage benefited me in my fitness journey.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss:-

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1. Relieve Gas Buildup and Bloating

Most people with a sedentary lifestyle experience a lot of gas buildup and usually feel bloated after a big meal too. When gas and other waste hinder the digestive pathway, the metabolism becomes slow. When you massage your abdominal region, the toxic waste that causes bloating is broken down. The gas which is building up in your body also gets released. This speeds up your metabolism greatly.

2. Increase Blood Circulation to Your Organs

Massaging any part of your body helps in increasing blood flow to that area. This is true for your digestive system as well.When more blood flows to your digestive organs, they receive nutrients and oxygen much faster. This enables them to function better and your metabolism gets increased further.

3. Digest Your Food Faster

A good massage technique will also be really helpful in making food products flow smoothly through your digestive tract. This will become even easier when toxic waste products and gas have been released from your digestive system as well. This will further help in increasing the metabolic rate of your body.

 4. Breakdown Excess Fat

When you massage your stomach, your muscles move in a way that mimics a complete workout. These movements will then help in toning your muscles and if you’re looking to gain sexy abs, then this is the best way to do it faster!

The muscle toning also helps in releasing energy from the fat deposits in your stomach. When these deposits get utilized, the flabby part of your stomach becomes flat and you lose a decent amount of weight as well.

5. Lose Weight

All the points we have discussed till now lead to our body getting toned and our metabolism becoming faster and more efficient. When our metabolism gets faster, it becomes easier for us to lose weight.

Though you must keep in mind that a stomach massage alone will not help you in losing a considerable amount of weight and you will probably be able to lose a couple of pounds. For best results, I advise you to massage your stomach twice a day while working out on the side as well.

Author Bio:

Sara is a professional psychologist who loves taking massage therapies. Travelling and working from home are the two things she thoroughly enjoys. She believes in the benefits of massage chairs and their capability to relax the body and mind greatly. She recently wrote about the best blogs for learning stress relief techniques.


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