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5 Jewelry Styling Tips to Rock Your Look

You might be one of those people who have plenty of jewelry but always wear the same pieces. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to go with something that suits us and we are confident in, but, isn’t the fun part of having so much jewelry being able to experiment with it as much as you can? Be bold, and don’t be afraid to change up your style from time to time. You just might surprise yourself!

If you’re wondering how you can change your jewelry style to rock your look, we’re here to help with these useful styling tips.

Bring back timeless pieces of jewelry

If you want to elevate your fashion style and change up your look then you might want to consider bringing back some unique timeless pieces like pearls. According to pearl lovers are a special breed, and they are different from people who like other gems like diamonds and emeralds. And it’s true – people who wear pearls are usually perceived as elegant, sophisticated, and mature.

Pearls give off that pure and simple look which women seem to like. You can combine necklaces with earrings, or a simple bracelet. Whichever you choose it will always be the right choice. Just remember – style with care and try not to overdo it. Note that layering pearl necklaces is a fashion statement on its own, so don’t be afraid to try it out.   

Experiment with your look, don’t be a slave to trends

If you’ve been using the same jewelry set up until now, it’s time to shake things up and experiment with other pieces from your jewelry box. You don’t always have to follow fashion trends since those tend to become boring when everyone else starts wearing them. Be a unique stylish person and choose the things you genuinely like, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Try to mix up different jewelry every day, and you’ll get used to it. Complement your clothes with interesting pieces and remember to be daring. People who never fear experimenting with their outfit or jewelry choices are perceived as courageous and inspire other people, too.

Layer your jewelry

If you want to try something fun, then you might want to experiment with contrasting lengths, textures, shapes, and colors, and make appealing layers with different types of jewelry. As we mentioned earlier, you can layer pearl necklaces since it’s a trend that never gets dull. Also, layering with different colors, shapes, and textures will work as well.

If you have more than one pair of ear piercings, it’s the perfect chance to wear multiple earring styles. Layering is easy, you can make a collection of necklaces and pendants of different lengths, designs, and textures, and try them with different combinations to see how it works.

Focus on the overall clothing

If you want to change your style then you should consider using jewelry that will transform your outfit into something special. Think of the whole outfit when combining different jewelry sets. You can choose ones that make a statement that will bring your outfit to life. Simple and sometimes boring outfits can easily become elegant and unique with the right accessories.In case you tend to wear bold clothing, then the choice of jewelry should be smaller, and more subtle to be used only as highlights. Your aim should be simple – dress like yourself to feel confident and comfortable. The right jewelry will elevate your look rather than diminish it. Remember that you should accessorize to complement your look, not the other way round.

Choose quality jewelry

If you want to rock your fashion style then you need to look for quality jewelry. When opting for neck, ear, or handpieces, sometimes the material can make a big difference. For example, sterling silver jewelry pieces look the most beautiful on people. If you want to wear gold, try to at least wear a real one since the paint on those cheap pieces usually fades away.

Whatever type of jewelry, consider purchasing quality materials for it to last longer. You might also want to clean it accordingly if you want to keep it for a long time. For example, you can simply choose pearl pieces that never go out of style and will always look fashionable.  

Final thoughts

If you’re stuck in a rut and keep on wearing the same old pieces for every occasion it’s time to surf the web and find something different to shake up your style. Be cool, experiment with different styles, sizes, and textures. Choose what you like and not what everyone else thinks is cool. Be fierce, and have a unique sense of fashion style.   

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