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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sneakers Without Socks

Socks and shoes go together like peanut butter and jelly, but sometimes, people choose not to wear them. Whether you are in a hurry, need to do some laundry, or just prefer the feeling of bare feet against an insole, you may think it is not a big deal to skip that extra layer of foot protection. Unfortunately, you may be doing both your feet and your sneakers a disservice when you go sockless. These five reasons may convince to sock up before you lace up.

Banish Blisters

Is there anything worse than getting blisters on your heels or toes when you wear your Nike or New Balance sneakers? The friction caused by your foot rubbing against the inside of a tennis shoe can be greatly reduced when you slip on a pair of socks first. Try out different styles, such as no-shows, anklets, or compression socks to see which you find comfortable and stylish.

Omit Odor

Do not be embarrassed by foot odor; it is just a part of life that everyone must accept at some time or another. Smelly sneaks are usually the result of sweat and bacteria cozying up to each other in your Adidas or Puma sneakers, and without socks to absorb your sweat, you may be creating a perfect storm of stink in your kicks. Once odor sets in, you may be powerless to fight it, and it only gets worse the more you wear your sneakers.

Mitigate Mold

Any warm, damp environment – be it a bathroom, outdoor shed, or even a sneaker – can become a breeding ground for mold. If you have ever noticed discoloration along with odor inside your sneakers, mold can be the culprit. Seriously, going barefooted in your tennis shoes can promote mold growth, which is gross, but can also lead to fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot. Socks are looking more attractive now, aren’t they?

Gauge Grossness

Odors, mold, bacteria, fungus, and blisters all sound awful enough, but what if you just consider how the inside of your sneaker feels against your bare feet? When you first slip on new sneakers for women, you may feel like you are walking on a cloud. Fast forward a few months after skipping socks, and those same shoes can feel more like you are slogging through the sewer. Sneakers can turn slimy, dank, musty, and just yucky without socks to provide a sanitary barrier that you wash after you wear them.

Delay Deterioration

If appealing to your senses does not convince you, consider the impact on your wallet. Sneakers worn without socks wear out faster than those that have that extra layer inside to protect them. When you shell out some major dough for stylish tennis shoes, you should protect that investment. Wearing socks can help your shoes last longer and show less wear and tear.

With the many kinds of socks available to complement your sneaker fashion, surely you can find some that speak to you. Socks are inexpensive, easy to clean, and readily available, so do you and your sneakers a favor and keep plenty of pairs on hand to keep your feet and your shoes happy and healthy.

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