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Are Cheap Eyeglasses a Splendid or a Substandard Product?

If you like changing your eyeglasses every few months or wearing different eyeglasses for different occasions, then buying a new pair every time is not a feasible option for everybody and with cheap eyeglasses, nobody wants to take a risk with their vision. When you think about buying a new pair, it becomes a cause for stress as eyewear is one of the most expensive necessities a person has to buy to maintain healthy eyesight. Sometimes, people do not even think about buying cheap eyeglasses because of the stigma attached to it.

With social media ads bombarding us with ads of various products, one such product the eyewear industry promotes is cheap glasses. You can be deceived into thinking that you will be paying less but a lot of times you end up paying more for the additional coatings that are necessary for glasses.

Are Cheap Eyeglasses Worth A Try?

  1. Frames break easily

Some companies sell eyeglasses cheaper from other companies because the material they use is of low quality. Cheap plastic glasses frames do not last long and may break or shatter.

2. No Premium Coating

Cheap eyeglasses do not come with anti-scratch or anti-resistance coatings which also makes fingerprints show on the lenses. 

3. Quality of the lens

Being manufactured with unauthentic products, the glasses could have poor quality lenses which can make you eye-health worse.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Glasses Online

  1. Easy on the pocket

Every time you feel like buying a new pair, you can look for cheap glasses online which won’t cost you a chunk of your savings. In a study published in ‘Optometry and Vision Science’ in August 2016, it was found that the average price of online eyeglasses was relatively lower than the high street glasses.

2. Look your Best

With so many options available online, you can manage to look good in a low budget too! Comparison between various frames becomes easier and reviews can be checked of the glasses to check durability.

3. Can be ordered conveniently

From the comfort of your home, glasses can be ordered without having to visit the doctor. The glasses get delivered to your doorstep, saving you from the inconvenience of going to the store for ordering and then picking up when the glasses are ready.

Changing Perception with Affordable Good Quality Frames

Cheap eyeglasses can be splendid if bought from the right place. Low cost always does not necessarily mean a compromise in quality. Providing excellence with affordability, you can buy glasses online from Specscart starting from the range of £25 in different designs and frames.

If you think that Specscart also makes low-quality cheap glasses, then that is not the case. The experienced opticians at Specscart do all the necessary quality checks of a product before launching it in the market. Being a manufacturer and a supplier itself, Specscart has revolutionised the eyewear industry by making eyewear which can be afforded by people of all income groups.  

All the glasses sold by Specscart have anti-UV, anti-scratch, anti-resistance and anti-glare coatings with no extra costs. This guarantees both durability and protection of the eyes. A ‘Try Before You Buy’ policy which comes with a free home trial of 4 frames for seven days is available at Specscart so that the customers can check the quality of the product and how the frame looks on them. Even if you do not have any prescription then also blue light blocking glasses is a must-buy product as it can help protect eyes from the damage caused by blue light emissions of digital screens.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Specscart’s website now and check out all the cool inexpensive eyeglasses.

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