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A Crime You Didn’t Commit: 5 Ways a Qualified Sex Crime Defense Attorney Will Help You

If you find yourself accused of any sort of crime you always want to try and get the best legal help around and when that crime is sexually related you could really do with searching out qualified sex crime attorneys so that you can find the right way to clear your name.

Let’s take a look at some of the main ways a qualified sex crime defense attorney can help you when you are in such a difficult situation and you are in the frame for an act you didn’t commit.

Finding a way to prove your innocence

The fundamental purpose of a sex crime defense attorney is to establish the facts and analyze all of the details of the alleged offense and then use this research and information to formulate a plan that sets out to get the charges dropped.

Every case is different, of course, but a typical scenario would involve your attorney finding a reason to doubt the credibility of the complainant and seeing how credible the evidence and witness testimonies are.

Looking at whether there was a motive to lie

One of the biggest problems with sex crime accusations is the fact that it can often come down to deciding who is telling the truth, especially if there are no witnesses to the alleged incident.

A sex crime attorney will investigate whether the accuser had a motivation to lie or whether there is any other underlying motive that could be exposed as the real reason they made the false accusation.

How strong is the evidence?

Another thing your attorney will take a detailed look at is whether it can be shown that the so-called evidence against you is tainted.

It is quite a regular occurrence to see that evidence has been unfairly tainted by biases.

This can often be the case in child sex offenses and your attorney will know how important it is to expose any biases that then make the evidence against you unreliable.

Checking whether procedures have been followed

Another strong reason to use an attorney with specific knowledge and experience of sex crimes is that there are often special procedural rules that apply.

Understanding these rules of evidence and what is admissible could be critical to the outcome of your case and getting your name cleared as soon as possible.

Knowing when to file a motion to suppress

Last but not least, it is highly relevant to know that police always have to adhere to very strict search and seizure laws.

Your sex crime attorney will be able to check whether the police have observed the right legal protocols and will be able to file a motion to suppress any potential evidence that cannot be used in court if it has not been gathered correctly.

It goes without saying that being wrongly accused of a sex crime can be a very distressing experience and that is why you need a good sex crime defense attorney to get your name cleared and allow you to get on with your life again.

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