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Premier Glow Discuss the Best Tips for Planning A Christmas Party

Are you considering a Christmas party this year. Experts in the field Premier Glow have some great tips below. Find here – Premier Glow Discuss the Best Tips for Planning A Christmas Party.

Make Sure to Plan Right Now

It’s a good idea to begin to plan your Christmas party as soon as you complete reading this post. The more time you have to plan the event, the more shopping & cooking you can do well in advance. It avoids getting into a mad rush at the end. The first and most important step is to create three important master lists including a guest list, menu list, and shopping list. It helps track down everything you need for the party. Make sure to have these lists in your pocket or wallet so that you know what needs to be purchased and have an idea about the number of guests who have RSVP’d at that moment. 

1. Appeal to the Eye

If you want to make raw vegetables the centerpiece of the buffet, make sure they appeal to the eye of your guests. If not, no one will even touch the platters of raw vegetables that you have prepared. With a variety of wonderful colors and textures, raw vegetables easily become the centerpiece of your menu – whether they get eaten or not. Include red peppers, yellow squash, green beans, and tangerines to brighten up the all-brown dishes in your menu. 

Garnishes are another great way to add color to your Christmas menu. A professional chef will tell you that most garnishes are easy to prepare although they look difficult to create. But when prepared, they will make even a simple dish look special. If cucumber fans or radish roses seem too fancy, you can easily get the restaurant look by adding a few sprigs of fresh herbs.  

2. Make Sure Your Kitchen Can Get the Job Done

There is no point in planning a large Christmas party that your kitchen cannot handle. You should know about the space constraints of your kitchen before planning the event. Can your stove heat dishes you plan to serve hot at the same time? Can your refrigerator store all those platters of cold hors d’oeuvres? You should make the necessary adjustments and substitutions well in advance so that you don’t make a mess out of the situation at the last moment. You can easily avoid a kitchen crunch by choosing foods that could be served at a variety of temperatures as well as preparing some dishes in advance. For example, some dishes can be prepared as much as a month ahead of the event. Another important tip is to allow enough time for reheating and defrosting on party day. Storage space can be another problem when planning a big event. 

But you should be creative when you encounter storage issues. For example, you can stow food in the microwave & warm bread on top of the dryer in the laundry room. If the weather is really cold outdoors, you can use the porch or garage as a second refrigerator on that day. Now is the best time to clean out your refrigerator. Reclaim lost space by removing all items that could be stored somewhere else or items that should have been removed long ago.

3. Shop Smart

The best way to shop for your Christmas party is in stages. You can divide your Christmas shopping list by store or by the nonperishable items that you can purchase as early as possible. You can make use of discounts and credit card offers to save money in the process. 

Read newspaper ads to see what is on sale at the local supermarkets and grocery shops. Even if you have to visit an unfamiliar store to buy big-ticket items, it’s worth the trip if you can save money in the process. For example, buying big-ticket items like fillets of beef, ham, shrimp, turkey, or beef jerky subscription box can save you money in the process. On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget the local beverage warehouse when buying soft drinks and beer that are substantially low priced than supermarkets. Thrift shops are great for finding entertainment items including extra glasses, silver, tableware, and candlesticks at a fraction of what new items would cost..

4. Set a Gorgeous Table

Even plain food will look elegant and inviting on a beautifully set table. In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to arrange such a table. A great tablecloth is the first step in this regard. This is even more important if your dining room table has seen better days. A good tablecloth will help cover a multitude of sins and add color, pattern, and drama to your event. If you don’t have the perfect tablecloth, check out antique stores for old linens. You don’t have to limit yourself to standard tablecloths. You can even opt for beautifully patterned sheets. Even a large silk scarf can make a statement when placed on a diagonal on a white tablecloth. Whatever cloth you decide to choose, make sure to add a felt pad or a plastic liner on the table to protect its surface. 

You don’t have to limit your thinking to flowers when choosing centerpieces. A bowl of fruits, Christmas balls, vegetables, or toys can add charm to your table setting. Walk through your house and see what you can use for this purpose. Just take a look at your drawers and cabinets to find decorative treasures. 

Candlelight is the warmest and kindest light for a cozy Christmas party. Candles of various diameters and heights are great on mirrored surfaces. Make sure you use a small wall mirror with the hanger on its back or mirrored tile from a hardware store. It is best to use dripless candles because they are well worth the extra expense—especially at cleanup time.


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