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5 Ways To Style Hats With Natural Hair

Hats are a cool fashion accessory, but unfortunately, they aren’t exactly made to be worn easily with big natural hair. Unless your hair is cut particularly short and easy to stuff under a cap, it’s hard to wear a hat with an outfit unless you know the ins and outs.

Luckily for you, there are ways to hear hats even with big natural hair. Your hair doesn’t have to be super short for you to rock a beanie or sport your favorite baseball cap.

If you’re struggling to wear your favorite hat, here are a few methods to try out before completely giving up.

How to Keep a Hat in Place

When it comes to big natural hair, keeping a big hat in place is probably the number one struggle. Tying your curls back into a ponytail may not always ensure that a hat, beanie, or baseball cap stays in place. You’re not the only one struggling with this problem, though, and luckily for you, there are a few people who have already thought up some solutions.

#1. Use a Dome Cap or Scarf

One way to wear a hat is with a dome cap like Bees Honey demonstrates in the first half of her video. Dome caps protect your hair from damage that may be incurred by attempting to shove your curls into a hat and pinning it down so it stays in place. With a dome cap, you can easily contain your hair inside the hat without the risk of it popping up when you least want it to.

If you don’t have a dome cap, you can use a silk scarf to tie down your hair. This works pretty well for beanies and can be done in many different ways, as shown by Naptural85.

#2. Bobby Pins!

Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend when it comes to keeping your hat where you want it. Once you’ve styled your hair around your hat, the last thing you want is for your sunhat to blow away in the wind or when you turn your head. While beanies may not need much help, you’ll certainly want to secure a sunhat before going out.

Chizi Duru demonstrates a great method for pinning a sunhat in place. There’s usually a thin strip of fabric around the inside of a sunhat. To secure your hat, take two bobby pins (one for each side) and poke them through this fabric so that they’re facing away from the hat. Once the pin is through the fabric, twist it so that it is now facing the hat and push it into your hair.

If you’re still worried about your hat blowing away, you can add a few more bobby pins, but the way the pins are threaded through the hat and your hair makes it pretty secure already.

How to Style Your Hair Around a Hat

Once you’ve got your hat in place, you probably want to style your hair. You already went through all that work to pin your hat in place, so you might as well style your remaining hair. Depending on the style of hat you choose to wear, there are a few different ways you can do this.

#1. Ponytail

If your hair is long enough and you’re wearing a baseball cap, a ponytail is a great way to style your hair. You don’t necessarily even need a hair tie to do so. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and through the hole in the back of your baseball cap. Once it’s through, you can tie it with a hair band.

#2. Half-Bun

Another great idea for a baseball cap is a half-ponytail, half-bun. Once you’ve got your hair through the hole in the back of the cap, take a hair tie and wrap it around your hair once. When you go to pull it through the second time, stop part way through so that half of your hair is in a bun while the ends of your hair are still free.

This style is demonstrated really well by Kenzey Cooper in her video, starting at the 1 minute mark. She also goes on to demonstrate a few other fun ways to style your hair around a baseball cap.

#3. Half Up, Half Down

Take advantage of both ponytails and bobby pins for these three ways to style a hat. Mairaly shows three great ways to style your hair around a sunhat, a beanie, or even a baseball cap using a hair tie and some bobby pins to achieve a half up, half down sort of look. This is an easy and quick style for when you want to wear a hat but are a bit pressed for time.

#4. Bobby Pins

At the end of her video, Mairaly shows you one way to style your hair around a hat using bobby pins. In the video by Chizi Duru above, she also shows you some ways to style your hair with bobby pins. If you scroll to the 4 minute and 15 second mark of the same video, she shows you another way to use bobby pins to create a side-swept look.

#5. Twists

With the hair that will show outside and around your hat, creating a simple twist can add some style to your hair. It also makes it feel a bit more controlled and can further prevent your hat from being pushed off by stray hair. You can make a flat twist across the crown of your head from one side to the other, or create two flat twists that start at your middle part and end at each ear.

You can really do a lot with the front ends of your hair to change the way your hat looks. Twists will give your outfit a different vibe than side-pinned bangs will, so you have quite a bit of artistic freedom when deciding how to style your bangs.

Enjoy Your Hair

It can be difficult to find a style you like that works for and looks good with your natural hair, but there are other women out there that have faced the same challenges. Being able to play with styles and embrace your hair as it is can help you find a way to wear a hat that you’re confident and happy with.

If you ever need inspiration or a reminder that you aren’t the only one with these struggles, look online at other women who are more than willing to share the ways that they style their hats.

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