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6 Hidden Dangers Of Beauty Salons

A beauty salon is one of the familiar places people go when they want to pamper or beautify themselves. In a beauty salon, you get to have a new manicure or pedicure, rock a new hairdo, or get a new hair color. Furthermore, the stylists, nail technicians, therapists, or other salon staff will also make sure you feel special. They would often tell you about the latest news and trends within the beauty industry, which might pique your interest and entice you for more treatments. Find here – 6 Hidden Dangers Of Beauty Salons.

But putting the benefits and perks aside, visiting beauty salons could also pose some risks and dangers. Not only are you going home with a new hairdo or newly painted nails, but you could also go home with an infection or illness. However, it only depends on how your chosen beauty salon keeps up with its proper hygiene, cleanliness, and safety in its working environment.  

Being aware of the hazards of beauty salons might make it easier for you to protect yourself during your salon appointments. For your guide, here are six hidden dangers of beauty salons you should know about: 

1. Health Issues 

Many people are unaware of the possible health issues you can get from visiting beauty salons. Some beauty salons that don’t practice proper cleanliness with their environment and their tools could easily put their clients at risk of illnesses and infections. Some of these infections may include: 

  • Viral, fungal, bacterial infections (e.g., ringworm) 
  • Warts 
  • Staph infections 
  • Hepatitis C 

Accordingly, beauty salon owners and staff must undergo a proper bloodborne pathogens training course to ensure they’re aware of the importance of cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing their tools and equipment.  

For example, nail technicians should clean and sterilize their tools and instruments in between servicing their customers to ensure that the dirt and bacteria from the last client won’t be transmitted to the next one. On top of that, clients should wash their hands thoroughly before they are manicured to ensure that both of them are safe from germs or bacteria. Meanwhile, hairstylists should also clean and sterilize their tools, such as scissors, combs, brushes in between clients. 

The overall cleanliness of the beauty salon should also be observed. Tables, chairs, massage beds, and other furniture should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spreading of germs. Clients’ linens and towels should also be washed and dried regularly to prevent bacteria from thriving on wet towels.  

2. Hazardous Chemicals 

When you’re in a beauty salon, chemicals are always present, because they’re being used to dye your hair, color your nails, wax your skin’s hair, and so on. However, most salon staff and some regular clients often choose to ignore the toxicity of these chemicals while using them. In view of the fact, that they’re unaware of the dermatological or respiratory problems brought by these hazardous chemicals.  

These chemicals can affect and contaminate both salon staff and clients through inhalation, absorption to the skin, and accidental ingestion, which may result to: 

  • Asthma 
  • Throat or eye irritation 
  • Coughing 
  • Mucosal irritations 
  • Burns 
  • Dermatitis 

To prevent such risks, salon staff must wear face masks, protective gloves from Primo Dental Products, and eye protection when handling these chemicals. Clients can also wear masks to minimize inhalation of these chemicals during the process. In addition, it’s ideal that a beauty salon should also have a good ventilation system. 

3. Trips And Falls 

There are many reasons why the floors of a beauty salon can get slippery. It may be due to the spilled hair or nail liquid products, unswept hair clippings, drops of water, unorganized cables, uneven floors, and even the lack of space with excess appliances. And so, clients and the staffs alike are at risk of trips and falls, which could lead to sprain, fracture, and injuries. 

Therefore, the staff should always pay attention to any liquid spills immediately before causing potential hazards. On the other hand, electrical wires and cables should be organized and tucked on the side to prevent anyone from tripping on them.  

4. Fire Risks 

All businesses are at risk of fire accidents, but beauty salons are more prone to fire because of the electrical tools and chemical products they use. Some of the hidden fire hazards in beauty salons may also include: 

  • Overloaded electric plugs due to the use of hairdryers, razors, curling irons, etc. 
  • Lighted scented candles used to create an ambiance  

Beauty salon owners must avoid overloading their electrical plugs and be extra careful when using chemicals and water near any electric power supply. The candles should be placed somewhere unreachable to prevent their risk of being toppled over. Most importantly, all the salon staff must be properly trained on what to do in case of fire accidents.  

5. Unqualified Staff 

When picking a beauty salon, you need to ensure you’re selecting a notable brand known for having qualified, well-trained, and certified stylists, technicians, and therapists. Working with unqualified staff will not only put you at risk for a terrible dye job or nail painting, but it could also cause you to suffer from burns, skin infections, and injuries. 

For beauty salon owners, make sure to ask for proof of experience or relevant certificates before hiring them to work. You can also ask for references from their previous employers to have a clear view of their work etiquette and performance.  

6. Theft Or Robbery 

Like any other business, beauty salons could also be victims of theft, with the probability that it can happen internally or externally. It can be from an external source, when robbery and theft are committed by strangers who steps into the shop in broad daylight and put everyone hostage while they steal money from the cashier and the clients.

On the contrary, internal theft can happen when the salon staff takes advantage of the trust given to them by the owner and steals money, equipment, and supplies from the salon through a planned strategy.

For salon owners, you can reduce your risk of being targeted by thieves by installing a CCTV system or using secure and high-quality locks to prevent them from easily breaking in. It’s also ideal to keep your doors locked until a client comes in. For clients, avoid bringing too much cash and only bring enough to pay for your salon services. Additionally, for owners, be aware of some red flags that your staff might be exhibiting to prevent them from executing their thievery plans.

Key Takeaway 

With these hidden dangers, some of you may think that visiting beauty salons may not be as relaxing as you initially thought. But by knowing these hazards and practicing safety precautions, you can still have a good time in your salon appointments. After all, beauty salons are established to help their customers to de-stress and focus on themselves for a few hours.  

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