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Becoming a Beauty Professional at a Cosmetology School

A Close Look at What It Takes to Get the Career You Want

When it’s time for a special occasion, are you the one always volunteering to give everyone up-dos and makeovers? If making people look their best is your passion, then a career as a beauty professional is right for you.
However, you’re going to need to graduate from cosmetology school first. Take a look at what it takes to turn your passion for beauty into a career.

Do I Really Need Cosmetology School to Become a Beauty Professional?

Yes! Charging money for hair, skin, and nail services is illegal in most states without training and a license. That’s because you need to adhere to rigorous health and safety standards. The only way to learn things like blood-spill procedures, how to properly sanitize your tools, or how to talk to a client about something concerning their skin or scalp is by going to cosmetology school.

You also need to have completed a certain amount of hours in the classroom and in the salon before you’re eligible to take a state exam for your license. The only way to get hired at a reputable salon or open a salon on your own is with a state license. If you’re caught practicing cosmetology or esthetician services without one, you risk harming a client and might get banned from obtaining a license in your state.

I Want to Style the Stars – Will the Same Cosmetology License Work in Every State?

No, each state in the U.S. has different standards for getting your cosmetology or esthetician license. This also applies to licenses for nail technicians and barbers, too. Some states even require a specific license for braiding hair.

Every state requires a different amount of hours in school. A cosmetology license in Kansas takes 1,500 hours, and an esthetician license takes 1,000 hours. However, you’ll need to go to school for 1,600 hours to become a cosmetologist in California, and only 600 hours to land a career as an esthetician there. The only way to accurately know the requirements for your individual state is by contacting your nearest cosmetology school near you.

Tell Me About What I’ll Learn in Cosmetology School

The first thing people think about when they hear the words “cosmetology school” is hair. You’ll learn how to cut, style, color, and chemically reshape hair in order to flatter facial features and compliment skin tones. But you don’t start out working with clients right away.

You need to learn how to hold cutting shears and a comb, what angles you need to cut hair to achieve a certain look, safety procedures, and a lot more. So, plan on getting to know a mannequin for the first half of cosmetology school.

It doesn’t stop at hair, either. Depending on your state, you can learn how to perform nail services, learn how to wax facial hair, and do makeup using all the latest techniques and trends.

Give Me the Scoop on Esthetician School

There isn’t a person around who doesn’t want smooth, unblemished skin. When you enroll with esthetician schools, you’ll learn how to treat skin in a variety of ways, including masks, scrubs, facials, wraps, and hair removal.

Know how to analyze someone’s skin, in order to recommend a skin care routine for concerns like oily skin, acne, sensitive skin, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles. Estheticians always know the latest advancements in antiaging, so you and your clients always look young and refreshed.

Have you ever wondered where the stars get their glam lashes? Most of them weren’t born with thick eyelashes, so instead, they visit a licensed esthetician. When you choose to become an esthetician, you’ll learn the art of lash lifts and extensions to give your clients an ultra-sultry look.

Estheticians also know how to shape and define eyebrows with a variety of methods. You’ll learn how to wax, thread, and tweeze the right way.

How Do I Enroll in a Cosmetology School to Get My Career Started?

Before hitting the search bar for “cosmetology school near me,” think about what kind of education you’re looking for, because there are a lot of choices out there. Make sure the school you choose offers a simple transition from the classroom to the salon floor, and that they can teach you the latest techniques in skin and hair.

When you choose a cosmetology school that doesn’t stay current with trends and techniques, you might have a hard time finding the job you want. Always go with the school that makes your future a top priority, and you’ll be on the road to an exciting career in beauty in no time!

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