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6 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

Are you tired of looking all dull in pictures while you look absolutely perfect in reality? Ever wonder why you are incapable of getting good pictures of you? Being non-photogenic is not the right answer.

You might see all those celebrities out there having each of their photos turn out amazing. Therefore, I believe that there is no such thing as non-photogenic. All you need to do for a perfect photo is know your angles, be confident, flash a smile and most importantly, wear your makeup smartly.

Want to know what those tips and tricks are for wearing the makeup smartly for amazing photos? Keep reading and thank me later!

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1. Get Rid of the Dead Skin

If you want your skin to appear absolutely flawless in pictures, start with your proper skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin thoroughly. It helps in getting rid of all the dead skin and dirt and cleaning out the pores. Following it before you start your makeup can help make your makeup look smooth and flawless in the photos without any accumulation in places.

2. Even Tone with Perfect Foundation

Now, if your skin looks dull and uneven in the photos or too grey, I have got the solution for you. Just take a nice full coverage foundation in a warm tone. Apply it with the help of a beauty blender for a nice and smooth finish. Also, apply a highlighting concealer under eyes for brightened skin. Cover the blemishes using a mint green color corrector.

3. Contour and Highlight the Skin

Does your face look too round or out of shape in photos? Do you want it to look more sculpted and angular in shape? If yes, just do not forget to add a little bit of warmth with some contour and a little bit of brightness and uplift with highlight. Contour just below the cheekbones, temples, nose and jawline. Then, highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, nose and a bit above your lips for a radiant and healthy finish.

4. Work Hard on Your Eyes

Eyes can totally make a picture or spoil it. Therefore, you need to give them a little extra attention and work in order to make them look bigger and more beautiful. So, this is how you do it: take a nice dark brown shade and enhance your outer crease with it. Then, apply a lighter matte gold shade on the upper lid and highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Make sure you curl up your lashes really well and make them look a little dramatic. Also, use a white waterline pencil for lower waterline. It will make the eyes look big.

5. Rose up the Cheeks

You do not want to look like a pale zombie in photos for sure and to prevent that, blush-on comes in handy. Take a dark pink or peachy tone of blush for rosier cheeks and for them to look visible in the photos too. Light pink or any other tone might not be too prominent in the photos, so always opt for something bright and beautiful if you want the camera to capture it well.

6. Smooth Well-Contoured Lips

Cracked and patchy lips are huge turn-off and they can spoil the picture totally. So, make sure you thoroughly moisturize your lips and exfoliate before you go on and apply a lipstick. Then, take a contour lip pencil and draw a line on the edges of the lips. Fill it in with a bright and bold lip shade and blend it perfectly with the contour line. Doing so will help make your lips look all plumped up and beautiful.

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