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6 Tips for Getting the Perfect Music Festival Braids

From pop music and parties in the desert to bluegrass and glamping in the mountains, there certainly is a music festival for every kind of music taste and preference. In addition to all the live music, dancing and celebration of the arts, music festivals are also a place to express creativity, style and personality through fashion. Creating a set of music festival outfits is a lot of fun and, for many, it’s the best way to get excited for the upcoming festival itself.

Hair and makeup are crucial elements of any festival outfit. They can add to the overall theme of the look and help tie different styles and colors together with just one or two additions. When it comes to festival hair in particular, it’s a good idea to go for eclectic styles that are also practical. Braids are perfect for music festivals because they are a secure way to keep the hair out of the face during all music festival activities!

Here are a few tips for getting music festival approved braids.

1. Do Some Research:

Before braiding, it’s important to have a game plan. Social media is a great place to find festival braid inspiration from past festivals and events! Take to Instagram, Pinterest and beyond to find popular festival braid styles and which professional hairstyling products will keep them in place throughout the day and night.

While you’re doing some style research, make sure to look up the weather as well. While long waves with braids is a trendy look, if the festival you’re attending is going to be hot and humid, your hair will probably be in a ponytail within the first 10 minutes. Consider braid updos or pigtails that will keep you cool and cute.

2. Gather Materials:

The hardest part is deciding which braided hairstyle to wear! From tiny braids around the crown of the head to a textured fishtail and countless variations in between, there is certainly no shortage of options. Once a single style has been chosen, it’s important to prepare accordingly by obtaining the necessary hair products and tools. If the intended braid style is textured and full of volume, it’s a good idea to have a few professional texture hair products like dry texture spray, hairspray and a teasing comb on hand to get the best results.

3. Go for Sleek Strands:

Even if a braid look calls for lots of body and texture, it’s still possible to keep the hair looking shiny and sleek overall. For a set of glistening festival braids with lots of texture, start by teasing the hair or adding texture spray based on the intended results. When the right amount of body and texture has been reached, focus on brushing or smoothing the top of the head where the hair is parted. Skim over the very top layer of hair with a fine tooth comb or teasing comb to boost shine and sleekness without sacrificing texture or volume! Finish the look with hairspray to accentuate the healthy, smooth look.

4. More Is More:

When it comes to festival hair, it’s almost impossible to do too much. Dressing up for a music festival is a chance to try something new, fun and maybe even a little bit quirky! That being said, it’s highly encouraged to add a few (or more) accessories to your braids.

If the look is made up of one or two larger braids, consider adding a few colored flowers that cascade down the braided hair all the way to the ends for a super cool nature-inspired look. For something a bit edgier, consider colored stones, studs, temporary colored hair spray or bright colored elastic bands. There is truly no end to the list of ways a simple braid or pair of braids can be customized! Don’t forget to finish it all off with some hairspray to lock it all in before heading to the festival.

5. Braids of Plenty:

If the look calls for lots of smaller braids, make sure to pay attention to individual hair sections. Take the necessary amount of time when sectioning off braid areas so no two braids differ in size and everything looks balanced. Just a few extra minutes can make all the difference. Once hair is sectioned, take a comb or small brush and run it through the section right before braiding. This will ensure a smooth braid without bumps no matter how small the section of hair may be.

6. Make It Unique:

The very best festival braid hairstyles are those that incorporate special additions and personalized touches. This could be something as simple as showcasing the wearer’s favorite color through hair accessories or something super bold like a custom braid pattern or handcrafted clips or pins. It’s so much fun to wear braids to epic parties and events like music festivals and there are more than enough options to wear a different festival braid style every time!

No matter what hairstyle you choose, braids are the perfect look for a music festival! Make sure to keep extra hair ties on hand if you plan to change up your look for each day. Happy festival season!

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