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7 Best Tips to Avoid Breast Cancer Permanently

Breast cancer has become the second most common cancer among women all over the world. Deaths due to breast cancer have been estimated as 41,400 amid the last year. Don’t blame the genetic factors only for this deadly disease. Earlier, breast cancer was common among the women attaining 40+ age but since the last four decades, breast cancer has rapidly increased among the women in their 30s also. Studies show that 95% of the breast cancer caused among the women in 30s is preventable. Even after the 40s, 85% of breast cancer cases are caused by bad habits and completely avoidable.

The reasons are countless, it may be bad eating habits, environmental toxins, stress, obesity and much more.

According to Dr. Rishi Sharma  – The Breast Cancer specialist doctor in Jaipur, “A healthy lifestyle can help you to avoid the risk of breast cancer permanently”. If you are really concern about your health, want to live a healthy lifestyle then include the below mention tips in your daily routine –

Live a healthy lifestyle & Avoid Breast Cancer!

Eat Healthy

We are all aware that healthy diet such as eating green leafy vegetables, nuts, extra-virgin olive oil, organic proteins, healthy fats etc contribute to preventing us from heart diseases, diabetes and many other problems. But most of us unaware that healthy diet also prevents the breast cancer. Women who mostly consumed the Mediterranean diet such as whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish etc lives a healthy life with a lower risk of cancer compared to women who consume more red meat, sugar, spicy and oily food.

Eat Healthy - Tips For Breast Cancer

Don’t Dare to Smoke!

Smoking is the main cause behind lung cancer but some evidence suggests that smoking is also linked to breast cancer and especially in premenopausal women. Toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke are cancer causing and damage the normal cells of the body. In addition to lung and breast cancer, smoking leads to a number of life-threatening diseases. Therefore, if you are concern about your health then say no to smoking.

Don’t Dare to Smoke! - Tips for Breast Cancer

Avoid Obesity

Yes, if you are not worried about your weight, then it can be a big issue. Cancer Researchers concluded that obesity increases the estrogen level which can be a risk factor of breast cancer. In spite of the above, obesity also increases the level of insulin which is linked to many types of cancer including breast cancer. It is also found that the risk of breast cancer due to overweight is higher in women who gained weight as an adult rather than who are fat from the childhood and fat on waist area is quite riskier than fat on the hips and thighs as well.

Avoid Obesity - TIps for Breast Cancer Permanently

Be Physically Active

A number of evidence proves that physical activity plays a major role in preventing women from breast cancer. National Cancer Institute stated that after menopause physically active women have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are not physically active. Exercise is essential to maintain a balance between the calories you intake and calories that have been used as female estrogen plays a key role.


Several studies find a link between breastfeeding and breast cancer. If women breastfeed for longer than 1 year, it reduces the risk of breast cancer because making milk limits the functionality of breast cells to act abnormally. Breastfeed also lowers the estrogen level which is actually a fuel to some types of breast cancers.

Breast-Feeding - Tips for Breast Cancer

Limit the Alcohol Use

We are not saying that avoiding alcohol can prevent you completely from the risk of cancer but yes you should definitely limit its consumption. The more you consume alcohol, the greater will be the chances of developing breast cancer. Epidemiologic studies have shown a positive effect of breast cancer with the alcohol intake. It has been estimated that men should not take more than 2 two drink per day and women should not consume more than one drink per day.

Limit the Alcohol Use - Tips for Breast Cancer

Live Stress-Free

Stress can kill a human. You might be surprised but Yes!! Stress also leads to breast cancer. Chronic stress has found to lower the immune function of the body and leads to depression especially during the menopause. Hence, this time you need a special care of your body. Relax your mind and involve some meditation and yoga in your daily routine.

Live Stress-Free - Tips for Breast Cancer

These are some of the tips which can avoid the risk of breast cancer. But anything mention here could not give any surety that you will never diagnosed with breast cancer. There are a lot of people who lived a healthy life like Sonali Bendre but still diagnosed with cancer while others are living happily. The best remedy to avoid any disease is a happy life. When you live a stress-free, happy, satisfactory life the chances of any such disease will automatically get reduce. So, live happily and enjoy every moment.

Hope you like this article, so share it with your friends and let everyone know how to avoid breast cancer naturally. 

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