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7 Reasons for Women to Wear a Bangles | Why Women Wear Bangles

Bangles are among the earliest forms of jewelry in human civilization dating back to 2600BC.  Archeologists have found evidence of bangle-style bracelets in the Mohenjo-Daro settlements dating back nearly 5,000 years ago. To date, bangles remain the most popular jewelry among all cultures in the world.  This versatile piece of jewelry has experienced multiple changes to suit different uses by different peoples of the world. Here are 7 Reasons for Women to Wear a Bangles | Why women wear bangles.

Bangles are today fashion conscious women look for trending styles to complement their outfits. Every bangle lover has a reason for wearing their piece and in this article, jewelry lovers will learn some of these reasons.

Why bangles remain the most popular jewelry in modern times

1. Rich, Proud History

Many people love accessorizing with meaningful pieces and if you want to such a piece, a bangle will work. These accessories date thousands of years and in ancient times, warriors wore armbands on their wrists when going to war. This was a form of commitment to get back to their lovers and today, many men wear these pieces to share in this rich heritage.  If you want to accessorize with symbolic jewelry, you cannot go wrong with beautiful bangles.


2. Cultural Reasons

In some Oriental cultures, bangles carry a lot of traditional value and they consummate important traditional practices. In Indian culture, bangles are among the most popular bridal jewelry and their meaning varies from region to region. Bangles signify matrimony in most Indian communities just like rings do in western cultures. In today’s globalized world, many couples across the world now appropriate bangles for their marriages in place of rings.

3. Best Gifting Accessories

If you are in the market for an ideal gift for a special person in your life, you can never go wrong with a stylish bangle. One of the main reasons people wear bangles is because they receive them as gifts. From wedding gifts, anniversaries to other special occasions, bangles are an easy gifting choice. The fact that both men and women love these accessories makes them an ideal gift choice.

4. Creativity and Customization

One of the main reasons people wear jewelry is to send a message. The best jewelry says something and this is another reason why people love wearing bangles. You will find these pieces in many shapes and designs and your jeweler can still personalize them to suit your specific needs.

reason for wearing bangles

If you want to buy a gift for a special person for instance, you can engrave a special message on the surface of the bangle. It is easy to get creative with the style and design of the bangle and this makes them popular with both men and women.  Whether you want to wear a bangle inscribed with your name or with a special message, it is easy to customize any piece you find on the market or custom-make yours from scratch.

5. Timeless Beauty

When looking for the best jewelry, the first thing on your mind is, of course, the appearance of the piece.  Looking at Indian brides wearing their amazing rings of bangles, it is easy to understand the reason more women now go for these accessories.

Bangles ooze a classic and timeless beauty effortlessly and they are an easy choice for fashion lovers. They have remained in fashion for ages and while new trends emerge, bangles still make an appearance on red carpets across the world. The rich heritage of bangles gives them an edge over other contemporary pieces and you will always find them outshining other magnificent pieces you wear.

6. Availability

Another reason why more people now wear bangles is their ease of availability. These are among the most versatile jewelry accessories and you can find them in different shapes and forms at jewelry stores across the world. If you want to upgrade your jewelry collection, you can order sterling silver bangles wholesale to save money and you will get pieces to wear to different occasions.

Whether you want to personalize your jewelry or buy ordinarly bangles from an online store, you have a plethora of choices. There are always new trends emerging and you can find these accessories in multiple materials including gold, silver, sea shells, platinum, glass, plastic, wood and ferrous metals.  They are more affordable than other accessories, and if you make a bulk order, most stores offer incredible discounts.

reason for wearing bangles

7. Easy to Wear

Bangles are the easiest accessories to wear and they feel natural whatever the occasion.  They work with any outfit both formal and casual and you will never have to spend a lot of time looking for a piece that works with your outfit.

Most bangle lovers find it natural to wear a piece around their wrist all the time because there’s no complicated closing system to worry about and your accessories will never get in your way. If you always have problems choosing the best jewelry for your outfit, you should invest in a large collection of bangles and you will always find a piece to complement your look.

Now, there are various other reasons to wear bangles. Some people wear pieces that have sentimental value while in some cultures, specific types of bangles give an energy boost by driving away negative energy.

How many bangles should you wear ?

Generally there are 21 bangles, albeit all the more as of late the lady regularly wears 7, 9 or 11 bangles. The bangles extend in size as per the circuit of the head of the lower arm and the wrist end so the set fits conveniently.

How many bangles should a bride wear?

9-9 bangles in both hands

Can you wear bangles on both wrists?

Yes womens can wear bangles on both hands


Whatever the reason behind wearing bangles, it is important to learn how to wear bangles right.  For a start, choose the right colored bangles to match your skin tone. More importantly, consider whether you have any reaction to specific metals and avoid such bangles made from such materials. If you plan to wear multiple bangles, create a balance in the choice of color and material. Depending on the occasion you can mix and match the colors and styles.

There you have it; you now have an idea why men and women wear bangles today. To upgrade your collection with these high quality and versatile pieces, go for sterling silver bangles wholesale to save money. You will always have a piece to wear to any occasion and you will love how easy it is to wear these accessories.

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