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Best Blush Under 100, 50, 200 Rupees – Blush Palette Price List 2023

Original price was: 500.00₹.Current price is: 200.00₹.

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Blush Palette Price List 2023

Blusher Palette is great for proficient use. A blusher is a delicate squeezed powder for dry application. The excellent definition improves a delicate application and produces a charmingly delicate inclination on the skin. The micronized shades offer the chance of applying this planning within vogue straightforwardness, yet additionally with clear shading accentuation. Those ranges can be separately topped off with Blusher Refill.
Find here – Best Blush Under 100, 50, 200 Rupees – Blush Palette Price List 2023.
Discount – 47%
Price – 685

Blush Palette Price List 2022
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Blush Under 100 Rupees

The Chubs blusher is light on the skin and straddles both a blush and a highlighter due to its slightly iridescent formula. Long-lasting, if you like the glowy look, this is a great option.
M.R.P.: ₹399.00
Discount – 68%
Price – 129Rs
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Blush Under 50 Rupees

Veggie lover, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Talc Free, D5 Free, No Silicone, No Petroleum. Our Blush tones are advanced with exceptionally sustaining fixings like Almond Oil, Beeswax, Lavender Extract that Delivers Natural Glow to wrap your cheeks in colour. Crème Illumination Blush likes a surface that mixes easily with the composition.
Discount – 85%
Price – 99Rs
Best Blush Under 50 Rupees

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Blush under 200 Rupees

Our Blush colours are enriched with highly nourishing ingredients like Almond Oil, Beeswax, Lavender Extract that Delivers Natural Glow to drape your cheeks in colour. Crème Illumination Blush likes a texture that blends effortlessly with the complexion.
M.R.P.: ₹649.00
Discount price – 69%
Price – 199Rs
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Blue Heaven Blush price

Blue Heaven Shimmer Matte Blush is a lightweight powder sparkle to become flushed that conveys regular shading day in and day out. This is normal looking yet observable blush skims uniformly and upgrades complexion with a brilliant gleam.
Price – 125Rs
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Lakme Blush price

M.R.P.: ₹500.00
Discount price – 20%
Price – 400Rs
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Makeup is an assortment of various steps. To express the ultimate elegance, each part of a face is adorned. For extending two cheeks a pinkish or reddish glow, we need a blusher. Sometimes, most of the ladies skip using a blusher to save the extra cost. Especially for them, we’re going to present blush under 100 to blush under 200.

Blusher In Your Budget:-

In this article, you’ll get the trace of the best blusher palette but at a low rate.

  1. Chubs Blusher: It’s one of the best blusher for the beginner in a very low cost. Chubs blusher comes in the texture of golden gleam. You can use this blusher in a dual purpose – blush and highlighter. So you can get blush and highlighter palette under 200 at your grip. It easily blends on your skin. And it provides a lost lasting glowing look.

M.R.P. : 399/-

Price after 68% discount : 129/-

  1. Creme Illumination Blush: Are you searching for a perfect cruelty free and no talc blush within your budget? Then pick up Creme Illumination blush. It’s a silicone and paraben free blush. Petroleum and D5 are also minus in this blush. Instead of that, Beeswax, extract of Lavender, almond oil, etc. are used to make it. This blush has the capacity to provide a natural glimmer on your face.

M.R.P. : 649/-

Price after 85% discount: 99/-

  1. Blue Heaven Blush: Blue Heaven is such a promising brand that has gifted you blush palette under 200. Blue Heaven blush palette is a power textured blush that can retain your natural beauty. From daily office to a night party, it can be a fine choice for you.

Price: 125/-


Hope, this article is enough to cover the popular blush kit price within a very exciting price range. Now don’t supress your wish for a full fledged makeup.

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