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Debloat Face: How to debloat face in 24 hours ?

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning only to see your face swollen like a chipmunk? You’re not fat – you’re just bloated. And no, it’s not cute, especially if you’re anticipating a special event or preparing for a once in a lifetime pictorial. Tips for debloat face.


Puffiness usually results from fluid retention. You might’ve consumed lots of salt-packed food recently or weren’t able to drink enough water. Or both. Normally after eating an extra salty meal, your body needs to balance itself out and ends up holding onto the water in certain places, which can include your face. Other causes of retention include lack of sleep, wrong sleeping position, and allergies.

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, for you can conceal it with make-up if you’re skilled – that puffy face can cause an uncomfortable pressure so you need to get rid of the swelling ASAP.

If you always find yourself in this predicament,

7 Tricks For Debloat Face

Try jade rolling

Jade face rollers continue to dominate the skincare world. They have been used to massage the skin since the 17th century in China. They work to depuff the cheeks and under-eye bags and increase blood circulation, which, in turn, give you a brighter flush.

Sculpting it with an extra smooth stone also works. One example is the sculpt butterfly stone made from rose quartz which fit different corners and angles of your face. The stone can massage your face, sculpt your jawline and cheekbones, and drain under-eye puffiness.

If you’re going to try rolling stones for debloating, make sure to apply a few drops of moisturizer or oil to your clean, dry face. Gently roll it up, down and across your skin until the product is absorbed.

Get icy

Cold temperature helps to eliminate swelling and redness. Using ice is the best way to go.

Opt for a cool compress instead of putting ice directly to your face, which might be too much. You may wrap an ice pack in a towel or also soak a cold water, and then apply it to your bloated face. Let the cold compress rest on your face for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the puffiness to calm down.

If ice packs aren’t available, wash your face with chilly water. The same premise applies: cold water can constrict the blood vessels and help the swelling go down.

Slather on some caffeine

Ever wondered why many eye creams contain caffeine? Or why people recommend putting caffeine-packed tea bags on our puffy eyes after not getting enough sleep? It’s because our favorite stimulant is great at constricting blood vessels. This cuts down on blood and fluid flow to the face, allowing puffiness to shrink in no time.

Look for skincare and makeup products with caffeine in them. You can also save the grounds from your morning pot of coffee for your skin care regimen. Set them aside to cool before applying onto the puffy areas, like the under-eye area and eyelids. Rinse off the grounds with cool water.

Wash your face with a facial cleansing brush

Instead of putting a dab of your favorite cleanser on bare hands, take it up a notch with facial cleansing brushes. Washing your face with a facial cleansing brush truly does the trick in promoting lymphatic drainage. Brush in upward strokes that end at your lymph nodes.

Move those facial muscles with exercise

Exercise isn’t only good for the waistline – it can be good for your face too. Incorporating some facial exercises Into your beauty regimen may help strengthen the muscles under your skin, which, in turn, helps your face look leaner, younger, and toned. Look for simple facial exercises you can do in front of the mirror.

Doing facial exercises may make you look ridiculous, but hey, at least your face isn’t bloated!

Review your diet and lifestyle

Avoid sodium-packed foods including chips, fries, processed meats, instant noodles, canned goods, and condiments like soy sauce. Stay away from alcoholic beverages – a chief cause of bloating. Reduce milk and cheese too.

If you want to avoid bloating on a specific day or occasion, the best bet is to stay away from these foods for a couple of days prior. Focus on a healthier diet with less salt and refined carb. Snack on fruits and veggies and stay hydrated.

Check (and change) your sleeping routine

Aside from dehydration and a salt-packed diet, a bloated face can also be a result of rough sleep. We’re not only talking about the lack of sleep which is a primary culprit for under-eye bags – we’re looking at sleeping positions. Make sure to sleep on elevated pillows to drain the puffiness from your face at night.

If you’re still seeing continuous, unusual puffiness, it might be wise to consult your doctor. Face bloat can be a symptom of seasonal allergies, or of other more serious medical conditions like thyroid problems and the mumps.

Author Bio: Mina Corpuz is a resident writer for Géniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a Medical Aesthetic and Skin Cancer Centre providing top of the line services from industry-leading skin cancer treatments to innovative medical aesthetic procedures. She writes articles focusing on cosmetic, medical, and surgical care, and wellness.

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