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The Effects Of Drug Use On Your Skin: By Addiction Recovery Experts


It’s a well-known fact that drug abuse can cause major harm to your body. It can hamper your physical and mental health and wellbeing drastically which will be obvious to everyone.

For example, when you consume too much alcohol, it puts extreme pressure on the liver. On the other hand, cocaine users often feel a sense of heart block and irregular heartbeat.

You can hide these damages because they are not visible, but did you know that drug use can also impact your skin?


Skin is also an organ, and like other organs of your body, it also needs proper nourishment and nutrition. Abusing a wide array of drugs for a long time can take a toll on your skin health.

The professionals in the Long Island detox center, NYC Detox Ascendant can help you understand the impact of drugs on the skin. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Marijuana’s Impact On Skin

When you use Marijuana for a long time, it develops fine lines, and wrinkles on your body that are the signs of premature aging. You can even develop gray hair, dark circles under the eyes, extreme hair loss, and so on.

Cannabis-induced arteritis is a more serious skin disease that leaves permanent marks on your skin. However, people also misdiagnose this condition as atherosclerosis.

On the contrary, not all cannabis components are bad. Elixinol CBD oil is one of the major compounds without psychotropic effects, and it is good for your skin.

It can also limit the formation of blockheads, and prevent acne from further progressing in your skin.

Impact Of Cocaine Use On Skin

Cocaine is one of the most common drugs that people use when they start abusing drugs. Apart from the several physical harms, it can affect your skin cells noticeably.

You may notice fibrous tissue being piled up in the skin, or Necrosis, which is better known as the death of skin cells when you abuse too much cocaine. Your palm skin may blacken, and it can result in skin ulcers too if you don’t take it to the doctor immediately.

Extreme cocaine use can cause Pustulosis, Schonlein-Henoch vasculitis, Buerger’s disease, Bullous erythema multiforme, etc.

When people use cocaine with other substances, it can have serious side effects. A recent 2016 study report shows that almost 65–80% of the cocaine caused rotting of the skin, ulcerating skin lesions, and even.

This drug, in particular, has also been linked to reducing the amount of infection-fighting white blood cells. Thus, when you have skin ulcers, you will be more vulnerable to a number of other skin infections.

Heroin Use And Skin Issues

If you inject heroin rather than snorting or smoking it, there will be injection holes left all over your body. When you penetrate the skin repeatedly with heroin injection, it increases your chances of developing venous sclerosis.

Venous sclerosis can cause other skin infections, skin abscesses, and skin cellulitis.

The debilitating impact of this particular drug can also be seen as a major contributor to Necrotizing skin lesions.

This is more obvious in people who subcutaneously take heroin shots, better known as skin popping. This practice leads to bacterial infection penetrating the skin and also causes tissue trauma.

You may also feel a heightened sense of skin irritation, and will always feel like itching yourself, which will leave permanent red marks on your nail. People who use heroin are most likely to develop cellulitis.

Heroin also reduces the moisture content in the epidermis, which causes your skin to lose its hydration. You can also develop itchy rashes, and it will release histamine in large amounts, which are not at all good for your skin.

Methamphetamine’s Impact On The Skin

Methamphetamine abuse has been quite popular since the release of the famous web series, ‘Breaking Bad’.

However, chronic meth users suffer from unusual skin sores, which mostly happen because they keep on picking their skin.

Many meth users also feel there is an insect crawling beneath their skin, which provokes them to keep on scratching the skin unless blood comes out of it.

These are even more dangerous side effects than skin infections and skin dehydration. A recent study also showed that almost 11% of meth drug users suffered from at least one abscess. These skin conditions won’t go away no matter how much nourishment your skin gets through the best face wash, so you should be aware of these drugs.

Alcohol’s Impact On Skin

When you abuse alcohol, that puts an extreme strain on your liver. However, alcoholic liver disease may seem internal, but your skin will likely suffer from its unintended impact.

Spider angioma is one of the most common side effects of alcohol abuse. Your face, torso, neck, and hands will have lacy, red patches caused by alcoholic vasodilation.

Caput medusa is another skin abnormality, which happens due to alcohol abuse. In this skin abnormality, your face has distended veins, appearing beside the navel and spreading slowly through the abdomen.

Jaundice is also predominantly popular in alcohol abuse. Your skin faces a yellow discoloration and mucus membrane occurs when the serum bilirubin levels are so high.

Alcohol abuse can also cause  PCT, where your skin will have scarring in areas that are exposed to the sun. Psoriasis is another skin disease of alcohol abuse, where you can see flat, red plaques over your hands, palms, and fingers. Even rosacea, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis also happen due to alcohol abuse.

Take Care Of Your Skin

You can take care of your skin with the best dermatological products but there won’t be much to do once they have so many negative effects because of drug abuse. You can take care of your sore skin cells by eating healthy foods, and by stopping drug abuse right away.

If stopping the use of drugs seems so abrupt, you can always take care of your skin using professional help. However, if your skin does not have its natural glow, you may need to decrease your tobacco smoking.

Therefore, if you want to get more information, talk to us in the comment box below. We will come back with an answer in no time.


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