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7 Travel Skin Care Tips To Maintain Your Skin On-The-Go

All of us are guilty of one single crime, and what’s more pressing is that we never learn from that past mistake. Yes, we are talking about not taking proper care of our skins while on the road. Are you also guilty of this, and want to change things the next time you are traveling? If yes, then here are seven travel skincare tips for maintaining your skin on-the-go. But before discussing the tips, let’s first understand why different skin disorders happen when we travel?

How Do Travel Days Affect Your Skin?

We all agree with the fact that our skin in on the last place in our priority list. There are other factors like climate change, humidity, pollution levels, and junk food that will affect your skin negatively.

1.  Restrain From Touching Your Face Again And Again

On a typical day, you would repeatedly touch your face, sometimes to wipe off sweat drops, other times to manage the hair that falls on your forehead, etc. This habit can be problematic while voyaging. You will be in contact with many different surfaces while traveling. Some of these surfaces include vehicle handles, steering wheels, public place railings, benches, restaurant chairs, ticket counters, etc. Even if one of all these places have bacteria on its surface, then your skin might be on the receiving end. Different bacterias can give you unwanted skin infections and acne. That’s why you should avoid touching surfaces in public places. You can use a hand sanitizer or a hand-wash to avert any future situation.

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2.  Remember To Moisturize Regularly

While you will be carrying your brown sugartanning lotion in your holiday bag, it’s necessary not to forget the moisturizer as well. The atmosphere inside an aircraft is dry and will absorb all the moisture from your tender skin. You should moisturize your skin at least two times a day to avoid maximum damage. If your skin is excessively oily, you should nurture your skin with water-based moisturizers, and skip the oil-based moisturizer.

3.  Hydrate Yourself Every Now & Then

Traveling is very much exhaustive for all of us. According to research, dehydration can lead to many skin conditions like eczema, acne, etc. Insist on always carrying a water bottle with you. Refill it wherever you find a free water dispenser. Moreover, make sure to clean the taps and fountains before filling the water, keeping the Covid-19 situation at the back of your mind. If you think that you will not remember to hydrate frequently, set up alarms for every couple of hours that will remind you to drink water and make your skin glow.

4.  Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is the most common thing that we skip while traveling. It is reasonable, given the short time frame we all have to explore the never-ending list of places at one location. But, this does not justify you not giving priority to your sleep. Also, not sleeping well will affect your skin negatively. That’s why you should never skip your sleep on a trip. To add to the authenticity of your sleep, consider packing an eye-cooling mask. This step will keep the puffiness away in the morning. If you want to make your eyes more aesthetic, you may assess some organic eye-creams available in the market.

5.  Don’t Leave Your Makeup On

Naturally, you will use makeup to make your photos more beautiful and social-media friendly. It is recommended to carry a micellar water bottle with you to remove your makeup instantly.

Pro Tip: Before heading out to your destination for the day, place your micellar water and a cotton pad on your bedside table. When you return to your room after a full day’s exhaustive exploration, you’ll need to give a couple of wipes, and your skin will be good for the night’s nourishment.

6.  Take The Utmost Care Of Your Lips

Often, people ignore the fact that their lips too actively reflect their skin health. Plum and soft lips add to the overall aesthetic of the skin. It’s a fact that healthy lips enhance our appearance, yet people ignore this crucial body part while traveling. Always buy two lip-balms before going on a trip, and keep one of them in your carry-bag, so that you can use it now and then. Moreover, do not bite or peel your lips off as it takes a long time for them to heal in a continually changing atmosphere.

7.  Avoid Rapid Change In Beauty Products And Routine

Whichever hotel we may check-in, every hotel room has many toiletries, lotions, and other products. You should not use these products because they are likely to give you an acne breakout or some other skin disorder. A sudden change in the brand of a foundation might cause a reaction. Make a beauty-pouch, and carry that in your backpack or suitcase to all your trips. Pledge to use your trusted products over the hotel’s cheap and generic products, if you want to prevent any sudden breakout.

It’s understood that of your trip’s total days, at least one day will be less packed with your exploring schedule. Choose this one day to do routine clean-up of your skin like you do at home. Choose a couple of hours from the day to wash, scrub, and rejuvenate your skin. You can also use lotions rich in Vitamin C to make your skin more healthy.


For most people, traveling days come as a degrading agent for their skin. If you follow these tips that are a combination of natural remedies and some lifestyle precautions, you can easily manage your skin on-the-go. Also, such changes are straightforward to administer.

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