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What Would You Prefer – E counselling or In-Person Therapy?

With conventional psychotherapy or, you ordinarily meet with a counsellor at a predefined time and spot in the therapist’s office – and talk face to face. The advantage of this is you and the Physician can make some live conversation, where they can get on your non-verbal communication and manner of speaking, which can give them bits of knowledge on what you’re feeling. 

With online treatment, there are more alternatives options. Many practitioner offer online treatment straightforwardly to customers through their private practice. But, an expanding number of outsider organizations, for talk space and better help, online therapy would be a great option.

The treatment offers, depending on which type of platform or expert you see, it includes:

Messaging by text, video, or voice: By using this type of option the customer can able to send messages to their therapist whenever they get time.    

Live text, video, or telephone meeting: These are planned in advance and are normally led with a psychology therapist directly. This option allows you and your physician a chance to communicate similarly as you communicate during a face to face meeting.

Access TeleHealth Psychologist Sessions from Home!

Because of the ongoing Outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian government has extended its TeleHealth activity for online psychology sessions. This guarantees that the individuals who need to look for proficient psychological support can access medicare-discounted meetings from the comfort of their own home.

Online Therapy Australia center, is as dedicated as ever to offering exceptionally successful and effectively available treatment for the individuals who need to oversee and beat psychological sickness. In accordance with the TeleHealth initiative, our team of experienced psychologists is now available for online phone or video therapy.

Is Online Therapy As Effective As In-Person Therapy?

We realize that online treatment may feel very intimidated for certain individuals. You may even think about whether you will get similar advantages from a video or telephone meeting as you do from an in-patient appointment. However, the good news is that the Video meeting is also as effective as face to face meeting or inpatient meeting. This implies you can book a TeleHealth psychological meeting and access from any corner.

So Which Is Better – Online Or In-Person Therapy?

If someone who is nervous about treatment or doesn’t have that much time on their hands to visit a therapist’s office directly, for that person online therapy is a great option.

And if someone is suffering from mental illness or who reacts better to insinuate situations, in-person treatment might be a good choice to treat. 

According to me, both ways are good. Certainly, it depends on your preferences and conditions just like this Covid-19.


Now, it’s up to you whether you want to choose e counselling or in-person therapy. Circumstances matter a lot when it comes to choosing a psychologist. I would suggest you make a list mentioning all the issues you are having. After that choose your psychologist.

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