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8 Anniversary Gifts to Get Your Favorite Couple

When figuring out the best gifts to get friends and family in your life, you might find yourself shopping for a couple on their anniversary. Sometimes, it can feel tough trying to find the right gift for them — you want something that speaks to who they are, but you don’t want to get something that only speaks to one partner in the relationship and not the other. Here are some great personalized anniversary gifts to get your favorite couple!

Best 8 Anniversary Gifts for Couple

Matching journals.

Journaling is great for the soul and mind. Because of its ability to alleviate stress and encourage better communication skills, this is a great gift for couples. They can write to each other in their journals, or simply use them to write their own personal thoughts. When married, it can be somewhat difficult to have all your thoughts to yourself, so journaling is a great way to have an outlet. If you do choose to get them a pair of matching journals, consider getting them personalized sets with their first initials on them so they know whose is whose!

A ring dish.

A ring dish is a perfect gift for couples. They can place it on their dresser or by their front door to store some jewelry pieces or even their car keys. Ring dishes are small saucers with high enough sides that the small, valuable pieces don’t slide out but they are also easy to grab when needed. Because so many people tend to lose their jewelry or not have a specific place for it, ring dishes became very popular and are perfect for those couples who are always on-the-go and might not have time to store their jewelry in a jewelry box. Plus, for minimalist couples who don’t have much jewelry in the first place, ring dishes were a great alternative to the typical jewelry box.

A champagne flute set.

When it comes to anniversaries, it’s time to break out the good stuff. That’s right — champagne! A set of champagne flutes, or any personalized drinkware set honestly, is a great gift to give couples for their anniversary. Whether they’ve hit a milestone like their 10th or 50th anniversary or they’re celebrating their first year together, a champagne flute set is always a good idea. They can toast to their first anniversary while enjoying that top tier of their wedding cake they saved, or they can use the champagne flutes at any point in their relationship. Let’s face it — you don’t always need a reason to break out the good stuff!

A champagne flute set

A giant anniversary puzzle.

Some couples love to solve puzzles and play games together. A giant puzzle that, when put together, creates a beautiful personalized image of their names and anniversary date is a great gift! They will have so much fun putting it together, and then they can display it on their walls or deconstruct it to put together again on one of their future anniversaries. Instead of their anniversary date, you can choose to put the location of their wedding or even the dates they started dating, got engaged and got married. With so many ways to create a unique puzzle, you’ll probably start to order ones for yourself, too!

Wind chimes.

You can’t go wrong with a set of wind chimes for the happy couple! A great set of chimes is the perfect keepsake gift for them to display proudly for all to see on their porch. Whether they add it to their front porch or put it out in their backyard, every time the wind blows and they hear the chimes, they’ll think of you and their love for each other. There are many shapes, sizes and types of wind chimes, so you can find the perfect ones just for your favorite couple. They’ll love the perfect set of chimes that looks great in their space. A plush blanket. What’s an anniversary without a nice snuggle on the couch together under a warm, plush blanket to end the night? Get them their new favorite blanket to cuddle under together for their anniversary. Have it personalized with their names and anniversary date so they can always think of that special day whenever they use it. Plus, they’ll think of you and how you showed appreciation for their anniversary, too!

A photo frame.

Bonus points if you have a photo of them together from when they first started dating! This is especially for the friends and family who’ve been around since the beginning. Whether you put a photo of all of you together or a photo of just them together in the frame, a customized glass or wooden frame is a great anniversary gift to give your favorite couple. They’ll love getting to show off the photo in their home or even simply reminiscing on all the good memories they have together. Who knows? It might even be a picture they forgot existed until you give it to them!

A canvas map of their first date.

Does either one of them remember where their first date was? If so, consider getting a customized canvas map of their first date location! You can get very general or very specific with this. Either have the canvas print so detailed to include all the streets to outline where their first date was, or zoom out enough to show the region. You could even take it a step further to mark where they got married and where they currently live on the canvas map. Of course, the further away they are from where they met, got married and now live, the bigger the map! You could even spread it across multiple canvases for a really unique design feature.

Shopping for your favorite couples on their anniversary can feel daunting at first. It’s tough to find the perfect gift that shows appreciation for their relationship but still shows some of their personality. You also want it to be something they’ll cherish for years to come.

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