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Best 10 Hair Oils For Fast Hair Growth – Best Solution for Damaged Hair

One in the world loves to look beautiful. In human beings, hair sets the benchmark of beauty. The length of the hair does not matter so much as healthy growth and shine. Everybody wants healthy volume shining hair. Hair needs so much care but this is not possible during this first lifestyle. That is why hairy problems like frizzy, hair fall, hair damage, dandruff, oily scalp, are the biggest nightmare. Paper becomes confused about what to do to get rid of that problem. Most people are not ever about the benefits of oil to solve hair problems. Proper oil massage in your hair and scalp can bring the solution to hair problems. in this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best hair oils for Fast Hair Growth with their benefit on the hair.

Top 10 Hair Oil For Fast Hair Growth

Castor oil:

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans and the plant name is Ricinus communis. People with search fast hair growth oil can blindly choose castor oil. It has many benefits, especially for hair growth. When people massage castor oil in their scalp it increases blood circulation and promotes healthy hair. It also moisturizes the scalp and removes irritation and dryness. Within a month surely it will give the result. Castor oil not only helps to grow hair on the head it will also help to grow hair on the face. So not only women gentlemen who have thin facial hair can use castor oil. Castor oil contain Omega 6 fatty acid. This is an essential fatty acid that promotes hair growth by reducing the inflammation in the hair follicle.Castor oil is a little bit sticky so it will be better if mixed with a carrier oil and then apply directly on the scalp.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil which is the best oil for hair growth fast can be used anytime. It is the also best carrier oil that can be mixed with any kind of other hair oil. Coconut oil has its benefits and also help to penetrate other hair oil in the dip of the hair root. It is the best natural oil that promotes hair growth as well as the nourishment of the scalp. Coconut oil gives complete protection to the hair. It helps to protect the hair from protein loss and damage when the hair is wet. It also gives protection from heavy Sun wind and any kind of pollution. Coconut oil can be used Two to three times per week for the best result.

Jojoba oil:

This is another natural oil after coconut oil which can be also termed as Rapid hair growth oil. This oil thickens the hair and prevents hair loss. It also helps to moisturize the scalp and can also be a dandruff remedy. The secret behind jojoba oil is its nutrients. Oil is rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. Not only are these essential vitamins it also contains Copper and Zinc. These all nutrients give strength to the hair root. It can also be used as career oil like coconut oil. Jojoba oil helps to Heal The broken and split ends of the hair so it can be used with conditioner.

Bhringraj oil:

If people search for the best oil for fast hair growth, then the answer will be Bhringraj oil. In ancient Ayurveda, this oil was mentioned as the perfect remedy for hair growth. It can grow here on the bald scalp. It can be used to treat diseases like alopecia. It promotes the length of the hair also. It also helps to treat dandruff and dry scalp and hair. Scalp infections like psoriasis, bacterial infections can be easily treated with this oil. Premature hair greying is another common problem of the young generation. Several active ingredients like Haritaki and jatamansi of this oil helps to protect the natural hair color. This oil is extracted from the plant called Eclipta alba commonly known as Bhringraj. Powdered dry leaves added with coconut oil to make Bhringraj oil.

Onion oil:

This is the fastest hair growth oil. New baby hair will start growing within 2 weeks after using the onion oil. onion is an essential item for our kitchen it also gives a humble surprising product for our hair. Keratin is the main protein component of our hair and onion juice contains Sulphur which forms the keratin. It also promotes collagen production to maintain the overall health of hair follicles. Onion oil is a mixture of onion juice and coconut oil. After extraction of onion juice, it will mix with warm coconut oil and can be saved for 1 to 2 months. Within 6 weeks it will prove its magical effects. according to data 75 to 87% of people experienced hair Regrowth within 4 to 6 weeks. It can be used daily as it mixes with coconut oil. Visit here for Best Onion Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control.

Black seed oil or Kalonji oil:

Another kitchen ingredient that proves its utility on hair treatment. Ds ingredient is nothing but a black seed. Dry powder of black seeds is mixed with coconut oil and used as black seed oil. It promotes hair growth by soothing the scalp condition it also prevents premature hair greying and stimulates the hair follicle to Regrowth of new hair. It is also a good conditioner and softens the hair. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which give a tough fight against any bacterial or fungal infection on the scalp. Its protein and alkaloid and saponins boost hair growth Slow Down The aging process of hair follicle cells. This oil is used as hair oil for fast hair growth and nourishment because it has over 100 different nutrients. It also controls the excess oil secretion from the scalp and gives a soft Shiny look as a Natural conditioner.

Sesame oil:

Sesame seeds are also a popular ingredient but many people do not know that they play a role as a remedy for hair growth. Scalp dryness cycling and itching can be solved by using sesame because it moisturizes the scalp for a very long time. It also helps to reduce dandruff or any kind of fungal and bacterial infection because it gently cleans the scalp. It has so many important properties like Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex which is essential for hair nourishment. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus give strength to the hair directly from the root and help to grow long. So, those who seek oil for long hair can use sesame oil. This oil is another based carrier oil and can be easily mixed with onion oil and black seed oil.

Almond oil:  

Almond oil is the best hair oil for summer because it is very light and does not give any oily and stickiness to the hair. So, it can be easily used in summer and humid conditions. From the ancient period, almond oil was used should the skin because it has a high content of Vitamin A and E which help to heal any damage and reduce aging. These light hair oil also contain high amounts of protein which improve hair growth. If people ask for any long hair oil name, then almond oil is the name.

Moroccan Argon oil:

This is a newly found hair oil ingredient death-proof is beneficial and is widely used in modern hair products. It is the extract from the kernels of argan fruit and this plant is the native of Morocco. It has essential fatty acids like linoleic acid and Omega 6 fatty acids which help to maintain good fat in the scalp and prevent dryness. It is also a high source of vitamin E and protein full stop Vitamin E is generally known as a powerful antioxidant so it also promotes healthy new hair cells. It also conditions the hair and promotes hair length.

Rosemary oil:

According to the Mirakki hair oil review, Rosemary Essential oil is the best solution for dandruff. This oil is popular for its medicinal use for centuries. It also prevents premature greying and itchy scalp. A small amount like 10 drops of Rosemary Essential oil is enough to show its result. It can be mixed with any kind of carrier oil like coconut oil almond oil sesame oil. It can also be mixed with onion and black seed oil to remove the strong smell of onion and black seed but does not minimize the effect. You can make an easy hair spa with water and a little amount of Rosemary Essential oil and can directly use it on the scalp. It will show definite results against any dandruff of oriented problem.

These are the 10 best hair oils that provide remedies for several hair-oriented solutions. Several types of hair oil brands are available in the market but make sure the hair oil contained the above-mentioned ingredients. Now you need to just pick one or you can also mix two or three different oils. To gain the best result you should apply the hair directly on the scalp and hair root. For the best result leave it overnight. Along with oil you should comb the hair every day and drink so much water to keep hydrated. Use these oils and follow the tips, and be your own Rapunzel.

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