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8 Key Tips for Organizing Your Makeup

What is the difference between a makeup collection and a hoard of beauty products? It all comes down to organization. So how can you organize your everyday makeup and keep everything in reach? 

Keep reading to learn 8 key tips for organizing your makeup collection.

1. Upcycle Jars and Containers

Makeup brushes, sponges, tweezers, liners, and such are easy to misplace in drawers or at the bottom of a bag. You can upcycle small containers like candle jars, candy tins, ceramic mugs or teacups, ramekins, yogurt pots, and more. It will help keep your tools separate and easily accessible.

Get creative with what you can find in your home or shop around. Thrift stores are the perfect place to go to find cute upcycled storage options. 

2. Store Your Everyday Makeup in Transparent Acrylic Drawers

Transparent acrylic drawers come in many sizes and arrangements. They have a simple yet elegant appearance and hold up against the test of time. They are easily incorporated into any design scheme, from modern to rustic and boho to minimalistic. 

The clear surface means it is easy to see what is inside. Line up your tubes of lipstick so you can read the names or see the colors from the front. 

They are also easy to clean. Keep it looking shiny and new with a microfiber cleaning cloth, dish soap, or plastic polish. 

3. Clean Out Your Collection 

When is the last time you cleaned out your makeup collection? Have you thoroughly cleaned your makeup brushes? Do you know when your makeup expires?

There are expiration dates on makeup packages or containers that tell you roughly how long the products last before they degrade. The accuracy of expiration dates depends on a few factors, such as where the makeup is stored and if it has been opened. When products like foundation are exposed to the air, they begin the process of oxidation.

You may have seen this play out if you have witnessed the foundation on your face change color or turn darker. It can interact with the air or the oils on your face and turn into an orange-ish shade. When stored properly in a cool dark place in an airtight container, a liquid foundation can last from 6 months to a year. 

Makeup products and applicator tools are also traps for germs, which may lead to rashes, breakouts, styes, or general skin irritation. Storing them in hot or humid environments could enable yeast, bacteria, or mold growth. When your equipment is kept in a temperature-controlled, dry area, it ought to last for two to three years.

4. Use Counterspace Wisely

Counterspace is precious, especially if you are limited to a small vanity top. Keep only your favorite or most used colors and tools in reach and resign the rest for draws or containers. DIY this magnetic makeup board to keep things in reach and off the counter.

Keep things in a logical order for how you use them. For example, line up, stack, or store your primer, foundation, concealer, powders, eye and eyebrow makeup, lipstick, and setting spray in the order you use them.

Another way to make the most of your counter space and stay perfectly organized is to store vertically. Take a look at this website for cool storage products like a palette holder organizer and fun, personalized products. 

5. Store Seldomly Used Products

It may be comforting to buy makeup in bulk or just enough, so you have an extra tube of mascara or eyeliner pencil when you run out; however, keep in mind the expiration dates. When looking to store the products you are not using, be careful where you put them. 

Bathrooms are the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. According to a study in 2020, around 79 to 90 percent of opened makeup or beauty products are tainted with germs which may cause infections of the skin or eyes. 

Additionally, storing things in the bathroom puts your products at risk of contamination by airborne fecal matter.  

Serums one of the most temperamental beauty products. They should not be used past expiration, left exposed to the air, or uncapped, as they can seriously impact their quality. Natural vegan, natural lotions, and such tend to degrade quicker as they do not have the same types of preservatives.

Perfumes should be kept out of the sunlight and high temperatures. Toner, masks, eye creams, gels, night creams, and vitamin-enriched items also benefit from stable temperature storage. For this reason, you may want to consider using a miniature fridge specifically made for makeup and skincare items. 

6. Organize by Occasion

Those with a beauty product obsession have makeup for all occasions. If you have a simple daily look, a night out with friends, or a casual weekend look, consider organizing according to your beauty routine.

Keep a small bag or box of your makeup for special occasions in a drawer. Your everyday makeup can stay in a drawer on your makeup counter or vanity. 

7. Use a Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are not just for kitchen cabinets. If you have a cabinet or closet to store your makeup in, using a lazy susan will instantly give you a lot more room for storage while still being able to access everything. 

8. Use a Travel Case to Store Your Products 

If your space is really limited, consider using a travel bag or a case for your makeup. Travel cases are often specially designed to hold your brushes, applicators, and other tools. They also have zippered pockets and sections to sort your items.

Organizing Your Makeup Made Easy 

Using these 8 tips for organizing your everyday makeup will help turn a messy vanity into a professional beauty station. Remember to clean out your collection often and keep your products appropriately stored.  

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