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Which story should DMG Entertainment focus on next?

While I could go on at length about all of the comic characters I feel would be perfect for the movies, I have decided to zero in on one character per company. I will present why they would be a good fit, slip in some moments I would love to see and even spitball who I would like to see playing the character.

The Marvel Comics Universe: Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa is a red-haired hunter of supernatural beasts with an unapologetically British sense of humor. Despite how rarely she is mentioned in standard discourse, this is a character who debuted in 2001! I honestly think that an Elsa film would work for several reasons.

1.         She scratches the same itch as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Hellboy.” I also feel I should point out that her creators, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, did their best to minimize their exposure to Buffy due to the large degree of overlap between Elsa and Buffy.

2.         It would be a female lead superhero film, a department that Marvel is sorely lacking in due to Ike Perlmutter. Perlmutter’s lack of faith in female-led comic book films is what forced Kevin Feige to go over Perlmutter’s head and bring his grievances to Disney and why we are only just now getting a Black Widow movie; a situation which is stuck as a prequel due to the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” I think an Elsa Bloodstone film would do wonders for giving female comic book fans another face to point to other than Wonder Woman and Black Widow when it comes to movie leads.

3.         Elsa’s focus on the things that go bump in the night means that Marvel Studios could always just promote her film as horror film first and sneak in the capes and cowls-maybe have a brief cameo with someone like Dr. Strange, Blade or Ghost Rider.

Who Plays Her? I would love to see either Emma Stone or Jessie Buckley fill Elsa’s boots.

The DC Comics Universe: Booster Gold

When I consider how much of a success “Shazam” proved to be, partly because it did not take itself to seriously, I think a Booster Gold film could do wonders. Booster is just an athlete from the future who jumps back into the past to pose be a superhero. However, he is one of the rare heroes who is more than comfortable selling costume space to almost any brand who will pay him.

Who Plays Him? “Fit white guy” is hardly a narrow casting choice. I cannot think of names but whoever gets the role needs charisma.

The Valiant Comics Universe: X-O Manowar

Valiant Entertainment was <a href=’’>purchased by DMG Entertainment</a> who have since made efforts to further commercialize on their investment. Founder and CEO <a href=’https://www.coming’>Dan Mintz has announced that Vin Diesel will be back </a> for Bloodshot 2. We’re excited to see this cinematic universe play out and the next contender fr their own flcik is X-O Manowar.’

I like to describe X-O Manowar as “What if Conan the Barbarian found a suit of alien power armor and got sent forward in time?” For the uninformed X-O Manowar is the story of a Visigoth king, Aric of Dacia, who is captured and enslaved by aliens, known as the “Vine,” for over a millennia. He eventually stages a revolt and bonds to a suit of armor, the series namesake, that gives him many abilities associated with Iron Man. Act one would establish his time with Visigoths, act two could cover his enslavement and interactions with the Vine and act three would be his revolt and return to Earth.

Who Plays Him? While Henry Cavill would be an easy choice, he is already serving DC as Superman. I would be fine with anyone who looks at home in the gym and can project the sort of wisdom that comes from living for over 1,500 years.

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