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8 Signs That Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint

When we think about the idea of having a home, the first thing that comes in mind is the feeling of comfort and relaxation. You call a place your home where you turn to after a long tiring day at work. It must look good in every respect so that when you return to this place, it gives you a feeling of ultimate comfort. While talking about the appearance of the home, the first thing that comes to your mind is its paint. It indeed is the first defense and first impression of your home. 8 Signs That Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint.

House painting services in Lexington MA.

If you want to keep your home safe from the harmful effects of harsh weather and pests, make sure that your home paint is always secure. 

When it comes to painting home, the first question that comes in mind is how often you should repaint your home. Usually, the duration varies for exterior and interior walls as the interior of your home require less maintenance. Again, when you think about hiring interior painters Lexington MA, you don’t have to hire them frequently for painting the rooms, library or storage places. However, you would require their services often for repainting your hallways, corridors, and entryways. 

In this article, we have covered signs that elaborate in detail what exactly is the right time for you to find professional house painting services in Lexington MA

Peeling Paint


  • Peeling Paint

Peeling or bubbling paint is the sign that you are in an urgent need of touch up. Your kitchen and bathroom are the two areas in your home where you mostly experience such issues. It is due to humidity that paint starts cracking. However, if you have bought a good quality paint, it can stay there for more than five years. That said, “you get what you pay for,” is quite true in this scenario. The more you pay for your paint; the more are the chances that it will be of durable quality. If you leave this flaking as it is, mold will grow there which is harmful to human health. Home Needs tips for you.

  • Faded Colors

Over a certain period of time, all paints become discolored. Even if you think that your new house painting in Lexington MA is engineered to remain consistent, one day you will stand in front of your home and you have to rethink your initial assumption. When you feel like your home is not the same anymore and the color of the walls is fading, it is time to repaint your walls. 

  • Wear & Tear

Besides the obvious signs of peeling paints and fading walls, you can think of repainting your home in case there is any damage to the walls. Wear & tear is something which can be easily covered by booking house wall painting services in Lexington MA & giving your walls a new life. It not only protects your walls from further damage but you also make your home more aesthetically pleasing. So, when you notice that there are scuff marks, nail holes, or scratches on your walls, do not leave it like this. Assess the damage and hire a painting contractor to give that place a new look. 

  • Gaps Or Shrinkage

This is the sign that you need to repaint the exterior of your home. When you notice that the boards outside your exterior are shrinking or there are gaps in between them, this is the sign that you need to repaint them. If you leave it untouched here, the moisture would get into the wood and it will be damaged entirely. 

  • Paint Is Chalking

It is quite a task to determine whether the paint in your home is chalking or not because it is not easy to notice chalking paint. To observe it yourself, what you have to do is run your hand over the surface of your walls. If it leaves a chalk residue, then it sure is chalking and you are supposed to find the best local painting contractors in Lexington MA. Usually, chalking occurs after years of exposure to harsh weather. It would be in the best interests of your loved ones that you don’t leave it untreated as it is quite harmful to human health. 

 Tired Of The Old Paint


  • You Are Tired Of The Old Paint

Home is the place where you spend most of your time. Even you have to go outside for a few work breaks, your home is the place where you would eventually return to. If you are bored of looking at the place where you live, then what is the point of calling it home? Instead of bearing that color for long, it would be best to get rid of it and give it a more refreshing and stylish shade. Update the walls of your home by choosing a paint color you love and make your home a place where you love to be. 

  • No Aesthetic Appeal

Besides protecting the structure of your home, the decoration is another main objective behind painting your home walls. If it is not appealing enough, the basic purpose of painting is dead. Consider hiring the best interior painters in Lexington MA and make sure that the new paint suits your home in every aspect. 

  • You Are Selling Your HomeHome

Lastly, if you are planning to sell your home, it would be a great idea to repaint it. Home with a better aesthetic appeal is easy to sell. When repainting your home for the purpose of selling, you must choose natural colors so that if the potential buyers plan to repaint it, it is easy for him to paint the color of his own choice. White, light brown and beige are some of the colors that most people like. So better to be in the safe zone and choose colors that attract a wide variety of choices. 

Paint Your Home Now!

Are you noticing any of these signs in your home? If yes, this is the right to give your home a new makeover. Choose the best painting contractors and transform it completely. 

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