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5 Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Blinds

The concept of decorating your outdoor blinds

The concept of decorating your outdoor blinds may not sit well with your logical brain. But your creative mind, on the other hand, will let you know that there are many ways to elevate the aesthetics of the blinds, especially when you hang them on outside areas like patios, pergolas, porches, verandas, etc.

So, we have given work to our creative brains and crafted a few ideas where you can spruce up your blinds without investing too much of your money. Take a look at those ideas:

  • Painting the blinds

Blinds, when installed in outside areas, don’t stand still, but move along with the breeze. They appear flowy or wavy depending on the amount of wind your outdoorspace has. So, instead of them keeping them dulland boring, you can pop colour on them to deepen the wavy effect. And the best way to achieve this is by painting your way on the blinds.

You don’t have to go overboard in painting. Go for minimalistic designs like straight or curvy patterns, polka dot, semi-circles, or full circles, etc. You can truly see its beauty when then there is a light wind outside your area.

  • Plants or Creepers 

Painting the blinds

Don’t like spoiling your curtains by painting? And are you type who is more into nature? Then this idea is for you. Decorate your external blinds by growing ivy or creepersalong the edges. It not only adds colour but gives you clean air whenever you sit or hangout in that area.

Don’t worry about stains or marks that these creepers may leave on the blinds. You can avoid them by careful plantation and regularly checking the position of the climbers.

  • Fashionable Drapes

Why not convert your outside patio or the pergola space into a room for hanging out with your friends? You can do it by tweaking your external blinds with the help of drapes. Install them as curved vanes on the topinner side of the shades. Doing this will instantly transform your space into a chic room, and it will be a pleasant surprise to your guests or friends.

Moreover, this idea is best for the people who can’t decide which is better between curtains or blinds. In this way, you can combine both of them to create a space that is unique, trendy, and close to your style.

  • Two-colour Blinds

Be a little creative in choosing the colour of the blinds. Instead of sticking to one colour, mix and match any two relevant colours. Whether blinds or curtains, combine two or more shades to create a striking contrast to your outside space.

And this idea works even better if you have vertical blinds in your outdoor area. You can create an alternate colour pattern depending on the colours you choose. You can imagine how beautiful it would look once you finish the look in your mind.

  • Hanging pots

If you have outdoor blinds that you use rarely, then you can think about this idea. Instead of keeping them idle, you can make them appealing by hanging one or two pots through the blind or curtain rod. 

Another way is by hanging the pots in the middle by sliding the pleats entirely to either side. It will create a beautiful viewto the onlookers, and you can hike up the aesthetics at your home.


Aren’t these five ideas amazing and affordable? Sure, they are. By thinking innovatively, you can decorate your property (in this case, your external blinds) without much effort and within your budget.

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