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8 Tips To Take The Perfect Photos Of Your Makeup

One of the best ways to get perfect photos of your makeup is by taking your time to make sure it looks great. Once you have an awesome look, you’d be more confident about the final result. If you don’t like your makeup, your photographs will look flat and uninteresting regardless of how great a photographer you are.

Well-done makeup is key to achieving a perfect photo, plus it makes editing your photos much easier. A candid photo of your makeup would look even more stunning when edited to make the details more pronounced. For instance, you can use editing apps such as the Facetune2 app to blur your photo background to help bring out the best of your photos.

How to Take the Perfect Photos of Your Makeup

1. Use Bold Colors to Make Sure the Makeup Won’t Fade With the Light

Wearing lip color and a bit of mascara isn’t always enough in makeup photography, so don’t be apprehensive about using bold colors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use heavy eyeshadow or bright-colored lipstick to make your makeup look more intense than it would on a typical day.

Using bold colored makeup gives you a youthful, picture-perfect look and ensures your makeup really stands out, which is exactly what you want to go for in makeup photography. Bold colors are also a makeup photography hack that can help you avoid fading since cameras create a slightly saturated version of the images they capture.

2. Consider Using Fake Lashes to Accentuate Your Eyes

Fake eyelashes can help make any eye shape or size look more beautiful; however, you need to be careful about what type of lashes you use. For instance, fluffy eyelashes may make particular eyes appear heavier. If this is the case, you should use wispy lashes that only accentuate your eyes’ specific parts.

3. Avoid Using Cakey Foundation

Your skin mustn’t look too perfect or textured; therefore, you should avoid using too much foundation. Instead, it would be best to use a professional concealer and foundation since it won’t cover every pore, freckle, and birthmark on your face making sure your photographs look natural.

Contrary to what most people think, unrealistic perfection can make photographs unflattering. For a makeup photograph to be perfect, it should enhance your features and not completely erase them. 

4. Use Natural Light to Make the Colors Stand Out

It’s important to use natural light for makeup photography. Artificial light would make your makeup and skin tone texture look unflattering, while natural light can enhance your makeup colors.

You can make the most natural light by taking your photos in an open space. When the light hits your face at the right angle, it will make your eyes sparkle, your face glow, and boost light to the background.

5. Emphasize Skin Textures and Freckles to Make Your Photos Look Authentic

Most makeup artists love accentuating facial features such as birthmarks and freckles as they make for striking images. Emphasizing natural skin textures can help complement your makeup; you can emphasize them more by either drawing over them with an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil or using an editing program.

6. Use Powder to Make Your Makeup Less Oily

Moving around, changing outfits, and posing for photos can make your makeup look oily, but you can avoid this with a little translucent powder. Using powder creates a matte effect and makes your face look even, which is what you want in makeup photography. A healthy, natural glow might complement your photos, but you could also use a highlighter to enhance the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.

7. Use a Reflector to Eliminate Dark Circles

While you shouldn’t completely remove them, you need to ensure the dark circles don’t stand out more than your makeup. Using a generous amount of concealer to hide dark circles will make your face look unnatural, which is why you should use a reflector. When used from the right angle, it can make your eyes sparkle, give your face a boost, and remove shadows.

  1. Wear an Outfit that Compliments Your Makeup

Even though makeup photography is more about your makeup than your outfit, a part of it’ll appear in the frame. A colorful outfit would clash with different textures, while a simple outfit can complement both bold and natural makeup. Still, your outfit shouldn’t stand out more than your makeup.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Camera

In addition to ensuring your makeup is spot on, you should also use the right camera settings. Try out different settings on your camera to find out which works best for you. The right settings paired with the tips listed above are guaranteed to help you achieve the perfect photos of your makeup.

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