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8 Best Sling Bag in 2023 – List of Designer Sling Bag For Womens

Summer calls for some extremely cute sling bags this year. Sling bags made the Indian market crazy in the ’90s. You might have noticed it in every pop song, movie, and TV ad. Well, this craze is still on, and we hope to see it becoming bigger in the upcoming years.

Bum bags or fanny bags are another names for slings. Recently we spotted Malaika Arora Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and many more divas donning beautifully branded slings on different occasions. Why are slings so popular? Why do celebs prefer slings while traveling? The answer is quite simple. Slings are fuss-free, easy to carry and maintain that look chic.

What to say about slings? If you are looking for some approved street style purchases, add cute slings to your handbag collection. We know buying a sling is tough. It is because you have several options, and you may get confused about which sling goes with what look. Don’t worry, we have an in-depth guide that offers you all the details about sling bags. So, you pick the best slings of 2023.

This time we are rounding up the must-have branded slings that you can go with without giving a second thought. What are you waiting for? Let us begin with the 2023 slings shopping spree:

8 Best Sling Bags with Price List

Louis Vuitton:

Bumbag: Price- 1,42,500 INR (1900$)

It is the costliest bag on our list. Louis Vuitton deserves the first place and we all know why. The Bumbag is a French Vintage style sling that has brand imprints all over the bag. It quickly grabbed the eyes of many celebrities and once you Google pics, you will know why it is one of the most loved slings. This bag portrays Parisian chic with sportswear. It is great for creating a trendy airport look or using it every day because it adheres to enough space for your stuff.


Belt Bag with Interlocking: Price: 73,500 INR (980$)

Gucci’s name is enough. It is a luxury brand to finish your card limits. Gucci is worth an addition to your closet. It is an ideal investment. You might be looking for an awesome luxury silhouette. Here it is. The Gucci belt bag with interlocking is a little more expensive than Louis Vuitton.

The bag features the catchy Gucci logo all over including G codes and Supreme canvas. It is smaller than the Louis Vuitton sling bag and inspired by vintage elegance and modern appeal.

Michael Kors:

Slater Medium Printed Logo Sling Bag: Price- 15,675 INR (209$)

Michael Kors offers a wide range of luxury handbags under budget. If you are looking for an affordable option with branded stuff, you can go with the Slater sling bag by Michael Kors. It is a perfect substitute for pricey brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

The Slater bag looks like an oversized bag that resembles a crossbody bag. It is a unique product that contains a double wallet on the exterior with the bold MK logos all over. It comes with a braided chain strap that makes the look complete. It is for girls looking for some extra space who don’t want to splurge more.

Patagonia Atom Sling Bag 8L:

Price- 8,175 INR (109$)

Are you a trekker? Then this sling is your thing. If you love adventure and love outdoor activities- the Patagonia Atom Sling is your thing.

It is a unisex organized bag that is a perfect blend of comfort with style. It has pockets and offers close-fitting that make it a sustainable style.

Kavu Rope Sling:

Price- 4,125 INR (55$)

Do you want a spacious sling? Don’t worry, we got you. The Kayu Rope Sling is your outdoor buddy. It is trendy, multi-functional, and durable.

An all-in-one bag that you will fall in love with. It is available in fresh mystic breezy designs that are waterproof, come with two compartments, a mobile pocket, and a side buckle.

Herschel Supply Co-

Heritage Shoulder Bag: Price: 3,750 INR (49.99$)

Sling bags are widely loved because they are compact backpacks. If you prefer a sling with a backpack look, you should check this Heritage shoulder bag by Herschel Supply Co.

It looks classy and has an extra buckle for versatility. It comes with 6 affordable styling options. If you are buying slings for the first time, it is a great beginner investment. Once you like them, you can experiment with different styles and designs.

Supreme- Shoulder Sling:

Price: 10,125 INR (135$)

If you know what streetwear is. You might know Supreme Legacy from streetwear options. It is not as affordable as you think. It has come up with the latest camo print slings that are an everyday bag. Being unisex, you can take them out anytime.


Minimal Sling Bag – Price: 2,250 INR (30$)

Sling bags offer an athleisure appeal. They are perfect for trekking, hiking, road trips, and gyming to carry your valuables with ease.

It comes from an activewear brand that is a great add-on. It is the most economical yet stylish bag on our list. It has some bold prints and comes with pockets, buckles, and zip. That’s all ladies for today. We have covered the 8 best sling bags of 2023. Let us know what is your pick on the list.

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