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9 Bridal Make-up Tips for Scintillating Look

Any wedding activity is expected to be perfect by couples and their families. Your dream, fantasy and imagination all comes into play to take you to the level of utmost satisfaction with once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Bridal make-up is one of the most important aspects of wedding as every bride expects her look to be like a queen that day. And why not? Every guest and even your in-laws and everybody would expect an eye-catching look from you. This is usual scenario with every bride and they tend to fulfil the expectations for both internal and external satisfaction.

You may hire the best make-up artist to fulfil all your fantasies within your set budget. But, don’t compromise on even little things while you plan for your gorgeous look.

Remember, make-up can break or shake your event, so don’t take any chances by compromising, even you may have to shell out extra so keep aside a considerable budget so you need not worry later. You may hear your friends or relatives asking you to book a particular artist, as a bride to be you might get lots of options to choose from but ultimately you have to decide on what’s the best possible option and the best make-up plan you could do for your dream event.   

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Facials: Get monthly facials atleast 3-4 so that it would finally reflect on your D day event. Have a proper schedule with the help of an artist or expert so everything goes perfectly and in a time bound manner.
  2. Primer: Don’t forget to apply a thin primer layer to create an ideal canvas to hold onto. Fill-up of enlarged pores or some set of lines would be taken care of by primer.
  3. Foundation: Apply the perfect combination of powder foundation to create an even, uniform color to the complexion. Take the help of experts if needed.
  4. Avoid sparkle products: Face powders, sparkle highlighters, eye shadows may create trouble while you are captured with a flash photography, so make sure you don’t use those or use carefully if need be.
  5. Waterproof Mascara: Withstanding the heat is important as it could cause heavy mascara to melt. Embracing waterproof that would be long lasting in nature and also smudge-proof would be the better choice.
  6. Lip Colours: Amp up your lips by applying a light layer of lipstick in a satin or cream formula. Finish with a light layer of gloss for enchanting look.
  7. Eye-brows: Opt for long-lasting brow products for perfect shape and natural look. Eyebrow pencil or brush dipped in a brow powder could help.
  8. Be moderate: Simple and gorgeous is the key for any bridal look. Heavy jewellery and dress already keep you loaded, so better go for a natural, sweet look. You might want to portray yourself as a natural beauty, so ramp up your efforts to get one.
  9. Sleep: It’s natural to not get enough sleeping time on pre-wedding day. A fact of matter is that all your attentive efforts could go in vain if you do not take enough sleep. Ensure atleast 7-8 hours of sound sleep to keep you fresh in your long and hectic but memorable day.
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