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Body Skin TLC: Improve Your Shower Routine

When it comes to establishing a skincare routine, most of us tend to focus on the facial skin without giving the rest of the bodily skin much thought. Same as with the face, the body requires regular TLC which can be shown by taking the time to carefully choose adequate skin-loving products that would do you good instead of harm.

Since cleaning through showering is one of the daily habits most of us do, it’s only natural to take it from there. Now, as the beauty industry offers a variety of potent and luxurious bath and shower products created to both cleanse and de-stress it becomes clear there are so many more options than the basic soap you can give a try. To avoid making a mistake with this kind of beauty care, it’s important to take your skin’s needs into consideration – the same way you do with your facial skin.

What’s Your Skin Type?

While shopping for a generic soap or body wash may seem like less of a hassle as an experience, thinking of your skin’s health, freshness, and happiness long-term would require you to be more selective with the beauty care you choose to invest in. And what better way to start than by considering your skin type!

Oily Skin

As this type already has a problem with excess oil, keeping it basic with the skincare is key. If you want to make it right, pick shower and bath products that don’t contain any alcohol which tends to over-cleanse and dry the skin thus leave one with additional problems in the likes of irritation apart from the usual clogged pores.

In terms of ingredients, you wouldn’t be wrong in choosing quality natural products. In particular, examples like products containing lavender plant extracts as they’re full of antioxidants and vitamins that wouldn’t only help balance out the hormonal levels, but also make the skin feel invigorated and fresh by hydrating instead of oiling.

Kerstin Florian’s lavender bath and body oil is a nice option that you can use both for cleansing and after cleansing. Look for lighter instead of heavier formulas, and get in the habit of exfoliating gently two to three times a week to avoid clogging the pores and getting inflammation. Depending on the oiliness, you might even have to do so on a daily basis.

Not to mention, it’s also an important step particularly if you plan on spray tanning as it makes for longer and even results. For easier application, it’s advisable to invest in a suitable self-tan applicator mitt that’s better than gloves, is reusable and offers stain-free hands.

Dry Skin

Since harsh soaps tend to dry out the skin, it’s necessary to get a gentle formula if you’ve got this skin type. Sulphates and parabens aren’t your friends so be sure to look for bath and shower products that don’t contain either of them – and the same goes for the body scrubs.

Your focus should be on gently cleansing and hydrating without stripping the skin’s natural oils, so ingredients like aloe vera are highly recommended as they contain all the crucial vitamins you require, such as A, B, C and E. L’Occitane’s nourishing hand and body liquid soap is a great option as it gently cleans and soothes, and the bonus is it’s also got shea butter in the ingredients.

Sensitive Skin

If this is your type, you’re no stranger to allergies, irritations, overly dry skin or eczema. Your friends are bath soaks and shower body washes that aren’t heavily scented and in turn contain natural pH balancing ingredients, like A’kin’s soap-free, fragrance-free, non-drying hand and body wash.

Softening foams that are both super soothing and moisturising are mandatory. And as for ingredients, you wouldn’t make a mistake if you choose avocado or almond oil known for their healthy fatty acids and antioxidants. Two great examples of shower products you should give a go, in this case, are the avocado oil-based Sunescape shower gel, which also contains passionfruit and kiwifruit oils, and L’Occitane’s award-winning almond shower oil.

While it’s recommended that you exfoliate once a week with a gentle scrub formula, it’s advisable to check for irritation, sores or cuts which are typical for this skin type. In case of any such signs, wait until the improvement to go on with the scrub so as to avoid any counter-effects.

Normal Skin

If you’ve been blessed with normal skin, you’re in no danger of choosing generic body washes and other bath and shower products. However, just because you’ve got this freedom of choice doesn’t mean you should pick out whatever comes at hand – if you want to make the right shopping choice, ask yourself what you want out of this type of beauty care.

Or rather, how you want your skin to feel after a bath or shower; is it soft, balanced, matte, or fresh? Is it maintaining youthful skin with a healthy glow? This would be of help when you browse through the vast products in the catalogues at the shops. Remember to also exfoliate at least twice a week, and don’t exaggerate with the scrubbing.

What Do You Do When Showering?

It’s one thing to carefully pick out the bath and shower products, and it’s another what you do as you shower. You might stay away from any chemicals and fragrances, opting for all the natural and organic ingredients in top-notch products from luxurious brands, but you can’t expect the ideal results if you do some of the following mistakes:

You Take Long Hot Showers

While it’s okay to use warm water, it’s not okay to use hot – sure the heat to the point of steaming up the whole bathroom seems relaxing, therapeutic even, yet if you take a good look at your flared skin afterwards, you’d understand why it’s a big no-no. To avoid drying out your body, getting itchiness, worsening certain conditions, like eczema, and speeding up the ageing process by stripping the skin’s natural oils, it’s important to mind the duration and temperature of your showers. Ten minutes in lukewarm water are enough to get you clean!

You Wash Your Hair Last

Now, the hair washing might seem off-topic, but think about it – if you tend to wash the hair last, the shampoo leaves a product build-up on your body, which could result in those unsightly and unwanted back breakouts. For healthy skin and healthy hair, wash up with natural hair products, rinse well, and then wash your body with the chosen set of shower products.

You Lather Heavily

Lastly, the lathering. You might think it’s okay to apply as much of the creams, gels and washes as you want, to get that nice thick lather, when in fact just a bit is enough to remove the skin oils and dirt to get you clean. The thicker the leather, the more you’d get to strip your own natural oils. Besides, the less product you use, the more the product will last so it’s good to be mindful if you care about cutting your expenses too as you take care of your skin’s health!

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