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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Breast Implantation

Breast implant placement is an important decision and can be a complex issue. Implants are generally placed in one of four positions: under the muscle, over the muscle, above the power, or behind the muscles. Many patients prefer to have their breast implants placed under their pectoralis significant strengths not to disrupt breastfeeding ability.

Implant Placement Considerations

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the appropriate placement of a breast implant. The main element is that breast implants placed under the muscle will be more visible, and the nipple may be compromised. An implant placed over or behind the power will have a lower profile but may be less visible in certain clothing styles, such as tank tops and dresses, which can cause discomfort.  Breast implants placed over the muscle can still be visible and often look like they are sagging more than implants placed under it.

Under The Muscle Breast Implants

Implants positioned under the pectoralis major muscles are generally recommended for larger breasts since larger breasts typically have denser breast tissue and require more support from an implant than smaller, less dense breasts. Dense breast tissue does not hide an implant and less dense breast tissue.

Other considerations include the patient’s chest shape and her desired aesthetic outcome.

The implant position gets better tolerated in patients with a thin or pencil-shaped chest. However, muscle-based breast augmentation may be problematic for a woman who plans to breastfeed since decreased nipple sensation may occur. Some authors recommend using an implant placed under the muscle as a standard technique for most patients and only using other methods if specific problems arise.

Over The Muscle Breast Implants

Implant position above the pectoralis major muscle may get recommended for patients who are not interested in breastfeeding and want to lower their nipple position. In this position, the implant provides upper pole fullness and upper pole projection, which may help prevent capsular contracture compared to under-muscle placement. It also allows patients to wear thinner clothing without concern for being overly exposed. However, implants positioned above the muscle may be more noticeable in tight dress.

Advantages Of Breast Implantation

Many advantages come with breast implantation:

1. Improves Natural Appearance

The goal of breast augmentation is to improve the breast’s natural appearance by increasing the size, shape, and fullness of the breast. Breast augmentation is an excellent procedure for women who want to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence without undergoing a complete system, such as a breast lift or a reduction mammoplasty. Implants can be placed under the muscle or over it.

2. Increases Confidence In Social Interactions With Men

Many women report an increase in confidence when they feel more attractive and feminine. Some women look left with poorly shaped breasts after removing cancerous tissue. Implants can help these women restore a healthy appearance and feel more appealing to their partners.

3. Improves Breast Appearance In Women Who Desire Breast Reduction

Women who have undergone breast reduction often want to restore their breasts’ size, shape, and fullness after a reduction mastectomy. Implant reconstruction can look accomplished with an implantable silicone gel bra that prevents bra bulge and underarm cleavage.

4. Increases Breast Size In Women With Small Breasts

For women who want to increase the size of their small breasts, breast augmentation offers an ideal solution. Implants can be placed under the muscle or over it. Women with above-average breasts may also choose to have their breasts reduced in size through a breast lift and reduction mammoplasty or implant exchange procedure.

5. Improved Body Image

Breast augmentation can significantly improve a woman’s body image after breast reduction or swelling due to pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, it can help some women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts because of their small stature or aging.

6. Breast Restoration

Breast augmentation restores the breasts of a woman who has lost them due to cancer and other diseases. Moreover, it can help reduce or eliminate the deformities left behind by breast surgery to correct a displaced nipple or when the patient wants to wear a prosthetic breast, such as in reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

7. Breast Lift

Silicone breast implants can also function as a breast lift in most cases. This procedure can be combined with the breast augmentation procedure or performed alone. This operation can get carried out on a patient who has lost a significant volume of breast skin due to the surgery. Moreover, this operation has proved to resolve the neck circumference asymmetry and enhance the aesthetic result after breast reduction in most patients.

Disadvantages Of Breast Implantation

1. Risk Of Infection

The implant is an artificial device placed inside the body, subject to infection. The infection can be localized or systemic. According to some reports, blood-borne infections are a possible complication of breast augmentation surgery that has no effective treatment and can lead to death. The doctor should strictly follow sterilization precautions during the operation while using sterile techniques and equipment to reduce this risk. The doctor should also have a strong knowledge of the bacteria that can cause infections and inform the patient about the risk of infection.

2. Risk Of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a possible complication of breast augmentation surgery in up to 17 percent of patients. When capsular contracture develops, it may cause implant displacement, implant deflation, and scarring around the breast. The doctor should therefore inform patients about this risk before recommending surgery.

3. Risks Related To The Implant Material

Breast implants resulting from silicone gel and saline solution. Silicone is a synthetic material that can cause several complications if not inserted correctly. In addition, it may lead to infection or cancer. Moreover, some women who have received silicone breast implants complain of rashes and lumps under their skin years after the operation, leading to other health problems.


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can restore the breast’s volume, shape, and size following a reduction mammoplasty or mastectomy. The implant may be placed over or under the pectoralis major muscle to achieve maximum results in terms of breast appearance and fullness. When choosing which procedure to have, patients should consider their age, lifestyle, health condition, and cosmetic goals.

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