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Men’s Dress Shirt Styles & Types

If you thought it was just the ladies who had to go through endless lists of dresses to wade through, think again. With thousands of options in men’s dress shirts, you can easily get overwhelmed with what to choose.

But there is nothing to worry about. By the end of this, you will know which shirt to wear for your office gathering and which one to style for a wedding party.

The Classic Tailored Silhouette

This stands true to its name. It is a classic tailored shirt with a boxy fit around the shoulders and additional fabric given around the midriff and sleeves.

This one is for those who prefer wearing their shirts underneath a jacket or a vest. This gives the old-school vibes and is best paired with flowy trousers and oxford shoes. You can even consider this shirt to give the right mens business casual vibes.

Fitted or the Slim-Fit

This one has been making rounds recently and for all the right reasons. This is the polar opposite of the tailored loose shirt. A slim-fit shirt, as the name suggests, clings to the body of the one wearing it to accentuate the physique. Most of the time, the fabrics chosen are stretchable to take the shape of the wearer’s body.

A slim-fit dress shirt can be styled for wedding parties or even dinner dates with a pair of well-fitted pants.

The Modern Stitch

If you are none for the tailored loose fit or the slim fit, the modern fit shirt is for you. It provides the best of both lands and gives you the freedom to choose your fit and style. It is as smooth as its name- Modern. This shirt can even be considered great business attire for men.

Style it with a pair of denim or even some slim-fit stitched trousers for an easy 9-9 look.

The Tuxedo Shirt

The favorite of many people, this one holds a special spot on the list of dress shirts. Exclusively designed to be worn under a tuxedo, this stylish piece looks the best adorned with cufflinks, a bowtie, and a brooch.

This one is a no-brainer. Be it a wedding, a premiere, a black-tie event, a formal ball party, or even an after-party, be ready to steal the hearts of many in this beautifully stitched-together piece. Adorn it with the perfectly tailored tuxedo jacket and you have got yourself a partner for life.

The Skinny or the Super Slim Fit

This is “the one” for those gym and health freaks who love some showing off every now and then. This is even more fitted than the slim-fit ones.

When styling this shirt, make sure you choose fabrics that are flexible and comfortable on the skin. This shirt looks best when styled with stitched, slim-fit pants that underline the whole structure of the body instead of just the upper half.

Style these with a pair of glossy dress shoes from Del Toro Shoes and you are good to go for an evening of sophistication.

The Oxford Style Shirt

This is an all-rounder. Made with fabric slightly thicker than the normal ones, this works as a trans-seasonal piece. This is a must-have shirt if you like your clothes to be multi-utility.

This can be worn at parties underneath a blazer, a jacket, or even a coat. At the same time, an Oxford shirt can also be worn in slightly casual set-ups such as dinners, office parties, or even a date.

And the best part is that this one is quite a low-maintenance piece of clothing that can be used for years to come.

Style is subjective and fashion keeps changing. What does not change is these classic dress shirt styles that are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Not just that, when styled with the right pants and shoes, these dress shirt styles can make heads turn while you enjoy it in all your glory.

To look your best and feel your best, you need to be dressed rightly for the occasion you are headed to. And these dress shirt styles just help you take your whole look up a notch.

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