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Eyelashes have an impressive ability to transform your look. Long, thick eyelashes are the way to make your appearance more attractive. Your eyes are windows to your soul and if this is the case, you want others to see the beauty through them. Large eyes, thick eyelashes are the sign of youth and fertility. Often eyelashes are considered as an important part of femininity. Thick and long eyelashes are also a sign of overall health. Disorders, bad health can cause Eyelash loss.

Long and thick eyelashes will frame your eyes. There is a scientific fact that long eyelashes will help you to protect you from wind and other flying objects.

There is a reason that women rank Mascara as one of the most important Cosmetic because it helps them to shape the eyelashes. The wide eyes can make you look honest and you can do a lot of talking with them. When a woman’s eyelashes are looking great, you do not have to worry about the rest of your make up.

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Best Tips for woman’s eyelash care


  1. Advancing age
  2. Hormonal changes
  3. Scrubbing your eyelashes roughly while removing eye makeup
  4. Health disorders
  5. Stressing too much
  6. Menopause
  7. Poor hygiene


  1. The most naturalistic way to increase your eyelash growth is by applying Castor oil. It is most commonly used for the treatment of thin and sparse eyelashes.
  2. Applying petroleum jelly to your Eyelashes. It will develop a dramatic look to your eyelashes.
  3. Applying coconut oil and Vitamin-E capsule also serves beneficial for your eyelash growth

To compliment your natural methods, another method to increase your eyelash growth is applying lumigan eye drops. Eyelash drops or serum is effective as well as a natural way to grow your eyelashes. You can use lash serum twice a week and you can see the results in the initial weeks of its usage. The best eyelash growth serum is packed with conditioning peptides and fatty acids that will stimulate your lash length.



Why do women crave for beautiful and long eyelashes?. Well, it may have many reasons like it will change your look, it will widen your eyes or help you to increase the beauty of your face. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to take care of your eyelashes as we are not paying proper attention to it. Here are some of the ways which you can use to take good care of your eyelashes:

  1. You need to clean your face daily
  2. Make sure that the product you are using does not cause irritation or stinging.
  3. Do not leave your eye makeup on overnight as it will dry up your eyelashes.
  4. Pay attention to the ingredients that are being used in your mascara.
  5. You should always disinfect your eyelash curler before using it.
  6. You should be extremely careful while applying fake eyelashes. It may cause a disaster.
  7. Before using any kind of eyelash serum, you must consult an ophthalmologist and you should take a quick scan on all its ingredients.
  8. Do not dye your eyelashes. Studies have shown that it can cause allergic reactions.

These are some ways to take care of your eyelashes. You should use the products that are safe to use and you also must take a look at its ingredients and its side effects.

Thus, we can say that eyelashes will help us to enhance our beauty. If you take proper care of your eyelashes, you will be successful in getting thick and long eyelashes.

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