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How to Keep Your Teeth Strong with Home Remedies?

For ages, people have been relying on home remedies to keep their teeth strong and disease-free. The trend continues even today as there are some really powerful natural ways to maintain oral health. You can always rely on home remedies to maintain dental health and stay healthy forever. However, it’s always better to seek professional consultation for oral problems that persist despite using home methods.

home remedies for teeth strong

Here are some of useful home remedies for keeping your teeth strong –

Brush twice a day

To keep the teeth strong, you need to brush daily and do it at least twice day – first, in the morning and then at night. Brush with simple hands yet clean thoroughly and reach to all parts of the mouth to take out foods stuck there.

Floss daily

Brushing is always not adequate in cleaning between the teeth. That’s why flossing helps as it cleans between the teeth and take out all what stuck there. When you floss, it covers all the gaps and crevices and ensures a proper cleaning of plaque foods etc.

Use mouthwash

Using mouthwash is a good oral care strategy as it can help kill all the germs and bacteria in your mouth. Mouthwashes work as a powerful disinfectant and then don’t allow bacterial growth, so your teeth are always strong.

Home remedies for Teeth

Clean your tongue regularly

A lot of bacteria sit on the tongue surface and if not cleaned, can enter the bloodstream and cause health issues. You can use the toothbrush itself or take a tongue-cleaner for cleaning. This will help keep gums healthy.

Avoid sugary and acidic items

Both sugary and acidic foods and beverages are bad for your teeth. They can weaken the enamel and cause premature tooth decay. Make sure you eat or consume less of tea, coffee, candies, fruit juices, soda, lemon, alcohol, sweets etc.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet can make your teeth strong and healthy. Dentists advise eating items like nuts, almonds, green vegetables, carrots, cucumber, cheese, apples, cherries etc. Eating fruits and vegetables high in water and fibre can help strengthen your teeth.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated can help you maintain a good oral health. Drinking lots of water through the day can help in many ways, including flush our food stuck between the teeth, help in production of saliva and meet the hydration need of the body.

Don’t avoid common dental symptoms

If you want strong teeth, stop avoiding common dental symptoms. From toothache to tooth sensitivity, discoloration to stain, bleeding gums to small holes in the teeth, bad breath etc, never ignore any sign of these. Else, there might be something bigger developing in the mouth.

Consult the dentist regularly –

Oral experts advise people to develop the habit of visiting top dentist middle village regularly. A visit every six month is ideal for proper oral check-up and evaluation of teeth and gums. This will also help get good advice on oral care and maintain the health and strength of the teeth forever.

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