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Amazing Tips to Wear the Right Jewelry with Your Outfit ?

Jewelry is rightly said to be the women’s muse. Nowadays, even the guys have started to appreciate the significance of this accessory.

But it is quite challenging to utilise these delightful masterpieces in the correct way.

The greatest challenge is to coordinate the pieces with the dress that you are wearing so that your outfit gets accentuated and you can keep your best foot forwards.But don’t worry! Here are some tricks that will help you make the right choices and look your best no matter where you go.

Take into Account the Outfit that You Are Wearing –

  • If you are opting for a very gaudy dress that boasts of loud prints or grandeur, you should wear jewelry that is simpler and subdued. Similarly, when you put on something that has a light appeal, you can try bolder and more creative accessories that can complement the dress. Keep in mind that your jewelry is there for completing your look and it should never compete with what you are wearing. Here are some suggestions–
  • You can accessorize to bring together what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a black gown or dress with a red rose as part of the hairdo as well as red shoes, then you can opt for red gems.
  • If the outfit s already fashioned with jewels, you can style up with some simple earrings and skip the necklace.
  • Choose the Ornaments According to the Setting of Your Destination 

  • The jewelry that you can wear for Church will obviously be different from the ones that you put on when going for a night-club. At the time of dressing for work you should avoid wearing dangling bangles or bracelets especially if your work involves a lot of typing.  If you are going on a date, wear the I love you necklace gifted by your boyfriend. So keep that in mind.
  • Consider the Neckline of Your Dress

  • The neckline of your dress is most significant while choosing the right accessories. It can make or break your look. Depending on the neckline, the right ornaments can enhance your look or be a complete distraction that will take away from what you are wearing. Here are some titbits to consider –
  • With a sweetheart neckline a statement neckpiece that is bold but short can look great
  • For a V neckline, a long necklace with a pendant is ideal. It should lie just above the cleavage.
  • With the crew-necked dresses, the statement or layered necklace looks gorgeous.
  • Choose Your Pieces According to Your Skin Tone

  • Gone are the days when just wearing jewelry keeping just the dress in mind was a trend. Today’s women know better and they also complement what they wear with their skin tone. For example, while gold ornaments are more apt for the ladies with matte skin and darker hair, the silver ones are better with the natural hues. The cooler skin tones are complemented by red, blue or purple gemstones. For cooler skin tones, the white gold jewelry is also great. The green, orange and yellow gemstones go well with the warmer skin tones just like the yellow metals.
  • Go with Earrings that Complement Your Face

  • The styles of earrings are more flattering if you choose them on the basis of the shape of your face. Go for short drop earring or studs if you have oval or long faces, pendant earring looks good with round or square face. The hoop earrings are great for every face shape.
  • Go with a Centrepiece
  • A simple way to start accessorising is to build around a centrepiece which can be a ring, bracelet or statement neckpiece. That piece will be the focus surrounding which all the other accessories should be determined. But make sure that you choose to go minimal with the other ornaments. For example, if your necklace is the centrepiece you can go for a dainty band on your finger and a simple bangle. You can skip the earring altogether.

Nowadays, the stainless steel jewelry pieces are also in vogue which you can try to stand out in the crowd and get noticed.

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Akshay Sharma is a writer who loves sharing views on fashion, health and food topics. He is constantly in search of new articles and posts on topics related to fashion and its branches.

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