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How to Clean Jewelry – Tips to Clean Gold, Silver Jewelry

There is a high chance your everyday accessories are starting to show the effects of wear and tear and are losing their shine, or you have some old pieces of jewelry lying around, becoming duller or more tarnished as time goes by. But instead of taking proper care of your jewelry items, you simply let them sit in a jewelry box, never to be worn. Whether it’s your everyday jewelry or pieces you only wear on special occasions, chances are they all need a good polish.

So, here are some simple ways you could clean all of your jewelry items, based on their material:

Gold jewelry

Gold is a very soft and sensitive metal that is prone to scratching and stains, which is why using a jewelry cleaning solution specifically created for gold might be the safest option. However, you can always maintain the shine of your jewelry without any commercial products by mixing a bit of dish detergent with warm water and adding a few drops of ammonia. Using a new, soft toothbrush, carefully brush your jewelry pieces before rinsing them in lukewarm water and leave them to air dry, being as gentle as possible during the whole process. If you have any gemstones in your gold jewelry, especially colored ones, it might be best to skip the ammonia and simply clean the piece with a solution of water and soft detergent. In order to avoid any damage and discoloration, be sure to steer clear of substances such as chlorine and soaps with unknown ingredients, and prolong the shine of your favorite gold jewelry pieces.

Rose gold jewelry

Much like gold, rose gold jewelry should always be carefully cleaned using a gentle solution that won’t harm the metal in any way. If you have a pair of delicate rose gold earrings, for example, cleaning them with a microfiber cloth, such as the one usually used for cleaning glasses, might be the best idea. Since earrings are not exposed to as many potentially harmful factors as, say, rings are, simply cleaning them with a soft cloth will be enough to keep them polished and stain-free. However, make sure to always remove your jewelry pieces whenever you wash your hands, shower, swim, sleep or apply perfume, in order to avoid contact with potentially harmful substances, and keep your jewelry shiny and sparkly for as long as possible. If you have any diamonds, gemstones or zirconia in your jewelry pieces, gently wiping them with a microfiber cloth will be more than enough to clean any blemishes and keep your gems sparkly and perfectly polished.

Silver jewelry

Silver is also a soft metal that is quite prone to scratching, but its biggest problem might be the fact that it oxidizes quickly and very easily. In order to avoid or minimize tarnish on your silver jewelry pieces, it might be a good idea to wear it as often as possible, as the natural oils from your skin will help “clean” the jewelry, and always store it in an air-tight container. Although tarnish can be cleaned, as well as avoided, using a commercial silver polish, the discoloration could easily be removed with a simple baking soda and water mixture, or even just toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. It might be best to avoid damaging substances, such as household chemicals, lotions, cosmetics, hair sprays and perfumes, when wearing silver jewelry, in order to avoid oxidation and keep your jewelry pieces looking shiny and polished for as long as possible.

If you have any jewelry pieces that are extremely important to you, such as family heirlooms, it’s always best and safest to bring them to a professional, while you can easily clean the rest of your jewelry collection at home using the above mentioned tips.

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