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Aronia Berries Benefits and Uses – Side effects

Small, round fruits, aronia berries come from North America. Chokeberries get their name from the fact that they have a sharp flavor that dries out the mouth, but they are perfectly safe to eat and have numerous health benefits.

Wild aronia berries are not uncommon in North America. Small cranberries with red or black berries and growing on shrubs throughout the continent, they are a bit like small cranberries. Native American tribes traditionally made tea from them, treated colds with them, and ate them.

Today, these berries can be found in every country. They can be purchased fresh, dried, or in juice form.

Health Benefits

The effectiveness of aronia berries has been studied in lab studies conducted on mice and rats. Although more human studies are needed to confirm these results, these berries may help treat conditions like cancer, diabetes, and organ damage.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Some types of cancer may be slowed with the use of aronia berries. Research in rats indicated the antibacterial effect of aronia berry extract. Nevertheless, these are early studies, so it is not yet known if the same effect will be seen in humans.

More recent studies on aronia berries’ cancer-fighting properties found that aronia extract reduced the detrimental effects of breast cancer.

Enhance insulin sensitivity

In rats, aronia berries were found to reduce insulin resistance in early studies. The results of this study need to be repeated in humans.

Organ Health

Aronia juice has been examined recently for its potential to improve liver function. Juice from aronia fruit has been shown to improve liver health in mice with liver damage. The research conducted in this study indicates that aronia juice could have a similar effect on humans, but further research is necessary.

Aronia berry studies are still in their infancy, but preliminary results have been promising so far. Aronia berries have a number of health benefits, including improving organ function and fighting disease.

Serving Sizes & Nutrients

It depends on the growing method and preparation method how much nutrition is in aronia berries.The average amount of dried aronia berries per 1/4 cup is:

  • The calories in this dish are 45
  •  10 grams of carbohydrate
  • One gram of fat or less
  • Three grams of sugar

Among the numerous nutrients found in aronia berries are:

  •  Vitamin C is found in it
  •  The folate
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • The element potassium
  • Calcium
  • A magnesium-based mineral
  •  Iron
  • Zinc

Aronia Berries: How to Prepare

The aronia berry is edible raw, but some people dislike how it dries out their mouths. You can make aronia berries more palatable by preparing them in a variety of ways.

They are often served in pies. As with the sweeteners in other fruit pies, the additional sweetness makes Aronia berries less sharp and leaves them simply sweet. Alternatively, aronia berries can be blended into yogurt, cooked into bread, cookies, or muffins.

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