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What is an eye contour Serum and cream?

A cream for contouring the eyes is primarily designed to hydrate the skin while protecting it from premature aging. This area of the face has weak microcirculation, so using eye contour cream promotes the circulation and helps get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. In conjunction with your night cream, it maintains the health of your eyelids.

The PHYTOMER laboratory makes eye contour care products with specifically formulated marine ingredients.

Is it worth using an eye contour product?

Since the skin surrounding the eyes is thinner and more fragile, it requires adapted care. Since the eye contour area lacks a hydrolipidic film and has fewer sebaceous glands than other parts of the face, it easily shows marks and tends to age more rapidly.

When the lower eyelid is dark and bags are present under it, the eyes appear tired and dull. You can eliminate and reduce the signs of fatigue when you use a product specifically formulated for you. Also, it works as a preventative anti-aging care product, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

An eye contour product is also formulated specifically for this area of the face, unlike other care products. Capillary action enables the product to reach the eyes, so it won’t harm the eyes and won’t irritate them.

Eye contour cream is the ultimate weapon in your beauty routine when combined with a day/night cream.

Which cream or serum  works better for eye contouring?

The cream you choose for your eye contours will require a bit of observation. Determine your skin’s problems according to your skin type, age, and needs, so that your eyes will appear young.

The best eye contour cream for anti-aging

The first signs of aging skin are wrinkles and fine lines. If you want them reduced, choose products with plumping agents that enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Using Expertise Contour Youth Eye Cream only takes a few days for your eyes to brighten. It smoothed and firms skin using active ingredients of high performance. The final benefit is that you will have radiant and youthful eyes.

Adding radiance to the eye contour cream

The main causes of dull, lifeless eyes are pollution, intense living habits, and stress. To erase signs of darkening, choose creams that contain active ingredients that help you firm your skin.

You can smooth your eyes out with the following product:

Give your eyes a new dimension with the Timeless by Pevonia Eye Contour Serum. Marine biotechnology works to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, and to lift the eyelids. Using it for one week will make you look younger!

The best eye contour cream for fighting fatigue

 Sleep deprivation will only make you look tired after a few nights. There is nothing better than a draining mask to eliminate toxins accumulated under the eyes and diminish signs of fatigue (dark spots and bags).

You can revitalize your eyes with our recommended product:

A cocktail of rejuvenating active ingredients instantly refreshes the contour of the eyes with the Contour Radieux Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask. A hydrating, smoothing, and awakening eye contour product that restores its radiance!

Can eye contour cream be used at any age?

In addition to a lifelong commitment to good hygiene, hydration is a crucial component to healthy skin. When cell renewal slows down around 25 years of age, it is recommended to use an eye contour cream. Those with dry skin often age prematurely, so they can start earlier.

How should eye contour cream be applied correctly?

The cream should be applied after your face has been completely cleansed. Your day/night cream should be applied after your serum, but before your eye contour if your routine involves several care products.

Lightly tap the inside corners of your eyes toward the outside corners using the tips of your fingers. Under your eyebrow arches, make the same movement. By rubbing the cream, you will cause it to penetrate your skin. Starting from your lower eyelid, gently tap your eye upward toward your brow, starting from the bottom. Activating the blood circulation with this gentle massage is also beneficial.

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