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Beard Grooming Tips to Keep Your Beard Looking Great

Full grown and well maintained beard is taken as a symbol of masculinity and gives you an impressive and attractive look. Most men including politicians, celebs and sportsmen look more attractive with beard than without. Unfortunately, some men are not genetically made to grow one and need to shave with the best electric shavers. But if you are a beard-man, you can use this advantage and even pair it with a moustache to better your looks and stand out.

People think that growing awesome facial hair is as simple as keeping off from the trimmer and the razor, but in actual sense there is more than that. Well, this is just a part of the process. Growing a beard can be a challenging process, which can take even months to a year depending on the desired level. It requires a lot of patience, nurturing, maintenance, and most importantly to disregard the critics during the growing period. Once your beard is fully grown, it doesn’t end there, you need the best beard maintenance to keep it clean, healthy and well-styled otherwise your beard growing efforts will turn against you. Beard grooming is a routine that requires the best beard shampoos for cleaning, trimmers to remove over grown and the unevenly long hairs, beard oil to moisturize and many other beard care tools and product. This will of course involve costs and time but the end result gives you an awesome feeling and a good looking face.

Well groomed beard will attract women, earn you respect among your buddies, drive complements on your way, as well as boost your confidence and self-esteem. Itchy, smelly and unkempt beard on the contrary turn of women and attract negative attention. To help you avoid this, we below are some important beard care tips to keep your beard looking great, healthy and clean.

Six Beard Grooming Tips :

  1. Regular Washing

Get yourself the best natural beard shampoo and wash your beard regularly, preferably twice or thrice a week and then pat with a clean towel to dry it. Avoid hard rubbing when towelling. Routine beard cleaning will keep it ever clean, give it a nice smell and prevent itchiness.

  1. Hydrating and Conditioning Your Beard

Keeping your beard well hydrated and conditioned will give it a soft touch and a shiny look. Beard oils conditions the beard keeping it soft and shiny and at the same time moisturizes the skin to prevent peeling, itching and maintains the follicle health. Apply beard oil by massaging it into the skin beneath the beard up to the hair tips and ensure that the oil is spread evenly.

  1. Trimming Your Beard

Regular trimming gives your beard a great shape and style, and makes it look healthy and well kempt. Additionally, trimming will also train stubborn hairs to grow to suit your chosen shape and style. It is highly recommend trimming using a pair of scissors more than trimmers. Though trimmers are faster and less manual, they can lead to split ends and frizz. Scissors allows you to fine tune the shape and cuts off split ends or any uneven patches. To identify the loose hairs and to maintain a uniform length, you need to first brush or comb your beard when trimming. Follow the natural face outline and maintain a rounded shape of uniformly sized hair.

  1. Styling Your Beard

Different types of hairs grow in different forms and styles. Your beard may puff out, curl up or even be coiled; you need to style it in your preferred fashion. Combing and brushing your beard daily and also applying beard styling balm can help to control and maintain your facial hairs in your chosen style.

  1. Trimming the Neckline

At least once in every two weeks, it is important to trim the hairs around the neckline of your beard. In this case a trimmer is highly recommended. Don’t trim following the jaw line as this may make your beard look weird and your neck will appear weak.

  1. Proper Dieting

This is one of the most important beard care tip that most people never take seriously. The health and strength of your body hairs which includes your beard depends on your diet. It is therefore important to eat health foods, exercise regularly, take time to catch sufficient sleep and avoid unhealthy substances.

The main trick here is to get the right tools and product and use them for the right tasks and at the right time. With these tips your beard will always impress whenever you show up for dates, interviews or even at the clubs with your friends.

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