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5 Tips to Learn to Walk Like a Supermodel

To walk on a runway is no easy task. Behind the glamour of those supermodels we all admire is constant hard work that has made them the confident and popular women they are today. A sparkling personality, inner confidence and physical balance are all essential for a captivating, impressive walk.

If you want to walk like a supermodel, you’ve got to have a steady gaze, and a sense of purpose with every step. By learning how to walk like a model, you also change your life by showing the world how secure and confident you are with your body.Supermodels with their catwalk skills can take you to a different world and make you want to be like them.

Below are five tips to help you get started on your “model walking” journey.

1. Find inspiration

Before you start learning to walk the catwalk, observe how professional models from top modelling agencies do it. There are a lot of videos available online if you want to see footage of fashion models of different generations doing what they do best.

Watch how they hold their head, sway their hips and how they move the other parts of their body. Now that you already have an idea, start practicing “the walk.”

2. Walk those heels

Womens Model Walk those heels - WBO
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Practice walking in high heels and different types of shoes until you can run wearing them. Learn how to balance in any style of shoes, and walk comfortably in a straight line. Control your high heels, don’t let them control you.

Whether you’re wearing clogs, platforms or stilettos, you need to be versatile and walk in anything that a designer will give you. Even supermodels have random runway troubles, so practice your walk regularly.

3. Maintain a good posture

You need to position your body correctly during the walk. You can say a lot about an individual through their posture. Having a good posture equals confidence while slouching indicates self-doubt. How do you improve your posture?

Check out the following techniques; they’re pretty standard.

  • Imagine a string pulling you from the top.
  • Hold your head high and stand as tall as you can.
  • Push your shoulders up then back.
  • Angle your pelvis upward and forward.
  • Avoid slouching and looking stiff.
  • Practice walking while balancing a book on top of your head.
Eyes straight ahead

Practice walking with your eyes straight, looking at the distance. Supermodels don’t make eye contact on the runway which makes them look cool and classy. If you worry about your footing, take swift glances down to ensure the area is clear of any obstacles.

Lose the mouth tension

Keeping your head up and eyes straight will probably create some mouth tension. You can get rid of that mouth tension by parting your lips slightly, or by closing your lips while relaxing your jaw. Whether a model can smile or not will depend on the instructions given before the show.

Swing your arms naturally

As you stride, let your arms swing naturally at the sides. Don’t keep your arms straight and stiff like a robot. For your hands, you can leave them relaxed or you can place them both inside the pockets, depending on your outfit.

In the beginning, the tips above may seem awkward. But with constant practice, they will start feeling more natural, and will soon become a habit and natural part of your system.

4. Walk in a straight line

Womens straight line walk - WBO
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When you practice, use an adhesive tape to create a straight line on the floor. In the runway, it’s crucial to walk in a straight line while one foot crosses in front of the other foot.

  • Lead with your hips and extend your legs while taking a stride.
  • Always land on your toes. Press your foot on the floor through your toe, ball and then heel.
  • Don’t put your weight on your heels, keep it at the center of the foot and on your toes.
  • Pick up your legs for each step you take.

Keep your walk neat, tight and narrow. Show strength, purpose and confidence in every step.

5. Strike a pose

Womens Strike a pose Of Modes - WBO
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As supermodels reach the end of the runway, they pause for a while and strike a signature pose. When practicing your catwalk, end it with a nice pose by leaning on one of your hips.

Give your pose some attitude. Practice a self-confident prance and a cool, steadfast look.

Do not rush your stride. In the runway, every step you make is a statement. Take your time and express what you’ve got in the way you move your body. Be confident, and notice how your stride transforms into a classy catwalk walk, just like a supermodel’s.


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