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Top 5 Useful Beauty Tips And Useful Beauty Procedures

Our body is truly cunning. If we allowed ourselves to eat a piece of cake at night, then in the morning we curse the scales. A bottle of Pinot Noir from New Zealand was heavily abused yesterday, then looking at the circles under the eyes in the morning, we suspect the mother of adultery with a panda. Have you used dermal fillers, then applied the serum to your face, but forgot the SPF protection and went for a walk along the emerald coast somewhere far? In the evening we get a kaleidoscope of age spots on the face. Did you go to bed early instead of watching a new episode of your favorite TV series? We feel a surge of strength and a charge of vivacity the next day. Following the iron logic of our body, the “reward” will always find its “winner”. Find here – Top 5 Useful Beauty Tips And Useful Beauty Procedures.

Sometimes not so much time passes between cause and effect, and we easily understand our mistakes and draw conclusions. But it also happens when the awareness of the importance of self-care procedures does not occur immediately. For this reason, many women at first deny themselves some cosmetic procedures, because they do not see the point in them, and then regret it. To avoid regrets in the future, we have compiled a list of what can and should be included in your must-have beauty diet.

Top 5 Useful Beauty Tips

Contrast shower

In addition to the fact that a contrast shower helps to cheer up in the morning, it is very beneficial for the skin. Just a few minutes can be very beneficial. The flow of cold water causes blood to flow to vital organs and also activates the nervous system. This short morning treatment gives you a tremendous boost of energy. Additional advantages of a contrast shower include stabilization of the emotional background, acceleration of metabolism, muscle relaxation, and cleansing of the skin, and it also helps to reduce subcutaneous fat deposits and tissue swelling.

Take a massage course

Massage is one of the best procedures invented by mankind. It is incredibly relaxing, helps to concentrate and recover the body after the cold weather. And if you also decide on honey or anti-cellulite, you will also receive an excellent figure as a gift. By the way, we recommend including massage in the beauty rider regardless of the season.


Daily cleansing (not aggressive) and moisturizing of the facial skin are the keys to beautiful and youthful skin. Buy a face serum. On average, it contains 8-10 times more active ingredients than any face cream. This means that it is at least 8 times more effective than the usual means. Isn’t this a reason to try it? Moreover, for one application, only 1-2 drops of serum are enough or about 10 ml. for one month.

We also recommend purchasing a mini dermatamp complete with a serum and applying it after a microneedle therapy session. So, you can achieve results at home no worse than in any beauty salon.

Dry brush massage

Dry massage with a special brush has many advantages: it fights cellulite, strengthens the lymphatic system, stimulates the sebaceous glands, tones up muscles, and generally invigorates and gives a powerful influx of energy.


It is no secret that it is better to maintain the achieved result with the help of professional products, and not with the mass-market means that you bought in the nearest store. The difference is that cosmeceuticals contain the right concentration of active ingredients. It is they who better penetrate the skin and work to prolong the effect that you received with any of the above procedures. Do not forget that they must all have indications for use. When choosing what to afford this time, be sure to consult with an experienced dermato-cosmetologist.

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