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Best Fashionable polarized sunglasses in 2018

Polarized sunglasses are becoming the order of the day, everywhere you go its hard not to meet someone who is rocking a cool pair of polarized glasses. This is largely due to the comfort, feel and look it brings on the eyes, among many other benefits of course. Polarized lenses were first used in sports glasses as a way of reducing glare effects but they have since been adopted into ordinary day to day use including when driving. As things stand, you can look great and be comfortable in your sunglasses by choosing the polarized lenses. Whether you need polarized eyeglass lenses for driving or you just want to look good during summer, there are a number of trending brands that you can look into but first, it is important to understand exactly what polarized glasses are and how they act to protect your eyes.

What makes Polarized glasses popular and great for your eyes

In order to understand why polarized glasses are a big deal, you need to understand what they are and what makes them exceptionally unique. Polarized glasses coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare. Glare is the light or ray effect that is produced when light from the sun is reflected off a solid surface or water. The polarization effect makes it possible to see clearly without taking harm from UV light rays, which is perfect for summer or long-range driving.

There are many benefits that come with polarized lenses. As long as you are going to be outdoors, be it walking, riding or driving, you will be shielded from the painful and uncomfortable glare, benefit from improved vision and be comfortable in the sun for extended periods of time. For example, with polarized glasses, you engage in a number of outdoor activities fishing, boat riding, tennis, golf etc. You may already have seen golfers, formula one drivers and other sports people sport a pair cool looking polarized glasses, they do not do it to look cool, that is just an added bonus.

Different types of Polarized lenses to match your style

Just like prescription glasses, polarized glasses have different type of lenses that are suitable for different use.

  • .75 mm polarized lenses

These are suitable for casual outdoor activities like jogging or playing golf because they are made from thin sheets of film with impact resistance. They are particularly suitable for long wear because of their comfort and the way they fit in with the eyes.

  • 1.1 mm polarized lenses

The 1.1 mm lenses are made of slightly thicker sheets of film than the .75 mm which offers more impact resistance. They offer slightly better glare reduction than the .75 mm but they cost a little bit more.

Best Polarized Sunglasses

If you are looking to try some polarized sunglasses, you will be happy to go through this short list of some of the most popular polarized glasses in 2018:

Ray-Ban Chromance Lens Aviator

Ray-Ban is the gold standard of glasses and they do not disappoint when it comes to polarized glasses for different activities. The Chromance lens aviator is a neat pair of sunglasses that has a perfect balance of stylish and classic look. There is a range of models and colors to choose from in the Chromance lens aviator design. The most popular colors are the silver and gunmetal. They are particularly popular and usefully when driving long distance.


Oakley GasCan Sunglasses

Just like Ray-Ban, Oakley has been around and designing incredible glasses for a while. The GasCan proves just how serious Oakley is when it comes to designing sunglasses. The standout feature in this nice pair of glasses is the frame, it is built from Oakley’s O-Matter plastic material that makes the glasses comfortable and long-lasting. The lenses are cut directly from a single polycarbonate lens pane which gives them a nice uniform curvy design. They also have a continuous contour that goes all the way around the head, maximizing on comfort and style. The glasses come in polarized and un-polarized versions.

Emporio Armani EA4097 56

Armani’s EA4097 56 polarized glasses is another classy pair of polarized sunglasses that are used a lot by sports personalities and long distance drivers. The EA4097 56 glasses feature a subtle yet classy design, paired with either .75 mm or 1.1 mm polarized lenses. They are available in different color combinations namely the black/grey, and the black/matte gray combination.




Versace’s polarized glasses come in different types to suit a wide range of outdoor summer activities. They are a little on the expensive side but the designs and style that they bring are absolutely worth it. If you have seen pilots, then you have seen Versace polarized glasses. They offer the perfect combination of glare reduction and protection from UV rays, that is why they are probably popular with pilots.


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