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Best of Behind Nauvari Sarees for Bride – Peshwai Marathi Sarees Looks

Marathi women are always portrayed wearing a different style of saree that includes dhoti style on the bottom but saree style plate in above. This saree style is known as the Nauvari saree style. Tees saree style has huge significance in Maharashtra and culture from the ancient period to modern times. To embrace knowledge about the relation between Maharashtra culture of weddings and festivals and Nauvri sarees, then stay with the article till the end. Find here the best Nauvari Sarees for Bride.

Cultural Chronicles of Nauvari saree

These bright-coloured sarees are deeply connected with the culture of Maharashtra. According to historical and cultural researchers, these sarees were the preferable wear of Maharashtra women since the rise of the Maharashtrian kingdom. Several historical events and stories proved that during the rise of the Maharashtra Kingdom all women were warriors and fought several wars with equal bravery and efficiency as the Maharashtrian male warriors.

The History Behind Nauvari Sarees

Maharashtrian warrior women adopt these sarees during that time because the style is similar to male trousers and involves extra comfort and freedom of movement during the war. That is why the alternative name of these sarees is Kaashtha sarees because the style of the saree draping is similar to the dhoti of men. The pleat of the sarees tucking to the waist and backward pallu is what has made these sarees remarkable. The greatest example of this style is the great Maharashtra Warrior women Rani Lakshmi Bai. Rani Lakshmi Bai where Nauvari sarees during the war with the British. Even the distinguished painter of the 19th century Raja Ravi portrays women in Nauvari sarees in his paintings.

Nauvari saree

Gradually Maharashtra women start wearing in daily life to do household work comfortably. Not only that women start flaunting the sarees even at weddings and several cultural festivals. The love of Maharashtrian women towards Nauvari sarees makes it the official traditional dress of Maharashtra women.

In modern Maharashtrian culture, modern Maharashtra women also love this traditional look. At their wedding and special occasion like Gudi Pawa and Ganesh Chaturthi Maharashtra women dressed in these beautiful Nauvari sarees. Not only the Maharashtra women guest from different cultures also loves to wear this traditional style of Maharashtra when they come to attend any Maharashtrian wedding or cultural event.

The connection between Nauvari saree and spirituality

In Maharashtrian cultural women wear this saree in all kinds of holly functions, starting from wedding to puja. They believe that wearing a Nauvari saree spread positivity and power (Shakti) in their soul as worshipping while wearing this saree activates the five vital energy of the human body that is better known as Panchaprana.

Evolution of Nauvari saree

Over the present years, these traditional sarees have shifted in each decorating style and tone. The old-style Nauvari sarees are generally dark in colour mostly red or Maroon and combined with green. But nowadays these sarees are available in different variations of green and blue to vivid colours of red, pink, yellow, pastel, and gold. These vibrant colour shades add a more elegant look and a contemporary modern style to this classic saree.

The embroidery of a new generation of Nauvari sarees is more sober and limited to a smaller section of the fabric. So the vibrant colours and silky appearance with less embroidery embrace the overall beauty of the saree more.

The variety of these magnificent Nauvari sarees

From the ancient period to two Modern Times these sarees evolved in various ways. At first, this saree style was limited to Maharashtrian women from Palace to village residents. But after the cultural revolution, this traditional saree style became more popular in other cultural communities of Maharashtra. Some women adopt the exact authentic style of these sarees and some others mix their tradition with Maharashtra culture and bring the Nauvari saree draping differently.

Peshwai Nauvari Saree Types with Names

  • Brahmani Nauvari Saree

These sarees are beautiful and elegant originally worn by Brahmani women. This saree was named after Brahmani women to show gratitude towards them. These sarees got the limelight during the rise of the Maharashtra Kingdom when the women wear them before going to war. These Nauvari sarees are very popular all over India as well as international level. These sarees are mostly made in silk and beautiful work done on the amazing sarees and awesome pattern on the Pallu will provide an Indian-style attire for whoever wears it.

Brahmani Nauvari Saree

  • Traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree

This style of Nauvari saree has no petticoat and mostly looks like the men’s dhoti or folded pants. The bottom pallu of the sarees covers the front side of the woman’s body. Traditional Nauvari sarees are longer than regular ones. Regular Nauvari sarees’ lengths are generally 5 to 6 m but traditional 19th-century old Nauvari sarees are made with 8 to 9 m of fabric. Elegant gold jewellery bearing these traditional sarees will bring a perfect royal look to the bride.

Traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree

Traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree

  • Peshawari Nauvari saree

This saree is also known as Gajaki. These sarees are popular among Maharashtra women as well as around the world as they can be worn in the common zigzag style or other various fashion styles. The sarees come in a wide range of colours which are perfectly suitable for wearing to different events. From brides to women going to attend any cultural event easily can wear this saree. Peshwai Nauvari sarees for bride are a combination of a traditional look with a modern touch.

Peshawari Nauvari saree

  • Tamil Nauvari sarees

If you want to create a different new look with a traditional touch then this stunning saree will be a perfect choice. Brides can easily choose these outfits for their big fat wedding day. These beautiful vibrant colours sarees with the paring of gold traditional jewellery can bring a stunning look that will make everyone drop they are jaws.

Tamil Nauvari sarees

  • Traditional wedding Nauvari sarees

Traditional wedding Nauvari saree is available in gorgeous yellow colour and the plain body and pallu with minimal design and slightly shining light blue borders. Simple but classic traditional wedding Nauvari sarees are the first choice of Maharashtrian brides no doubt.

Yellow Nauvari Traditionally marathi sari

  • Simple cotton Nauvari saree

The soft cotton textures are very simple but comfortable for daily wear. Anyone can create this simple Marathi look in a saree with style for their daily purpose.

Simple cotton Nauvari saree

  • Pune Nauvari saree

These sarees have a fine silky background with an awesome and attractive design all over the body. The amazing combination of different designs and patterns with tone are the unique features of the saree. These must-have sarees are just perfect for any cultural event or wedding party.

  • Marathi Nauvari saree

The bright textures and colours of the wedding Marathi nauvari saree give an awesome look. The borders are and the body beautiful decorated with standing designs.

Marathi Nauvari saree

Global Fame

These magnificent traditional silk sarees are now not limited to Maharashtrian women. Nauvari sarees now have Global Fame as it’s popular at the international level. People from other cultural backgrounds and countries whenever visit Maharashtra to attend a Maharashtra wedding or Ganesh puja love to wear this style at least once. International earners of Lavni folk dance also respect the connection between the Nauvari saree and the lava.

Global Fame

So, beautiful ladies if you are confused about the look of the upcoming event then give the chance to these amazing Nauvari sarees. After having the all positive compliments you will never regret the decision to adopt that traditional Maharashtra look with elegant Nauvari sarees. Don’t forget to add a big Marathi nose pin and flower gajra to look more perfect.

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