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Black Owned Beauty Brands For All Types Of Skins – Price List 2020!

While we speak about Global racism, we must also become aware of what is happening around us and do a part in eradicating the subtle racism and colorism that exists all around us. Here we are back with Black Owned Beauty Brands For All Types Of Skins – Price List 2020!.

It is said that “A book is not judged by its cover”! What does that mean? Of course, this means that a person can’t be judged based on looks. Have you ever purchased any product by its cover even when you did not need it? I did it once as I was attracted by the cover of a product and when I tried it I came to know that I was completely wrong! When I was wrong on judging the product by its cover then how can a person be judged based on colorism? I clear dark complexion is not a sign of being unsuccessful, untalented, ugly.

It is ridiculous that there are products that focus on how to be fair. We need to mind this dated notion that only if you are fair will you be beautiful or successful.

Systemic racism is deeply rooted in society; and the global unrest surrounding, the unjust murder of George Floyd should spark a call to action to support the Black community more than ever before. A small way to show solidarity is by investing in black-owned businesses. Thankfully progress has been made, and more and more products are being created for the color of people, by people of color. Black-owned beauty brands aren’t asking for a seat at the table, they’re making one.

Skin color is an inconsequential thing to define to someone. Isn’t it ironic that people are judged based on the color of their skin!

Even the products that focus on being fair makes them feel inferior. Then, there should be Black-Owned Beauty Brands such as Black-Owned vegan skincare brands for all types of skins. It should never bother you if people feel you are not fair enough.  Black -Owned natural skincare brands provide a natural touch to the skins.

So here, focusing on the Black-owned Beauty Brand for all types of skins.

Top 10 Black Owned Beauty Brands products list:           

  1. Briogeo


Founder and CEO Briogeo Nancy Twine transformed her grandmother’s homemade haircare recipes into a celeb-favorite line. Created for all hair types and every hair ailment, Briogeo’s clean products feature a slew of antioxidants and vitamins that leave you with stronger, healthier hair. While Twine’s products are amazing, her accomplishments are major too: she’s the youngest black woman to launch a hair care line at Sephora.

  1. Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty-compressedFormer LVMH executive Sharon Chuter founded UOMA Beauty in 2019 as a result of the lack of diversity she saw within the industry. Chuter set out to create a diverse line that goes beyond 40 foundation shades. From the dual-sided contour sticks to the Boss Gloss Lip Glosses and its Stay Woke concealer, every product in UOMA’s line offers shade and color for all. Like gloss boss scrubber.

  1. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar-compressed

Not even a rejection from Shark Tank could stop Melissa Butler from turning The Lip Bar into one of our favorite lipstick brands. After leaving her Wall Street job to make lipsticks in her kitchen, Butler created The Lip Bar in 2012 to offer bold lipsticks for women of color that are equal parts clean and edgy. As the vanguard for cruelty-free and vegan products, The Lip Bar offers a variety of vibrant lipsticks— made with organic shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil— plus a range of face palettes and bright eye products.

  1. Hyper Skin – “vitamin c serum”

Hyper Skin-compressed


Hyper Skin aims to cure one major problem: hyperpigmentation. And as many women with darker skin tones know, treating acne marks, dark spots, and oily skin can sometimes result in more discoloration. That’s why Desiree Verdejo created Hyper Clear, a clean vitamin C serum formulated with vitamin e, kojic acid, turmeric, and bearberry to smooth texture, brighten skin, and reduce breakouts.

  1. Unsung

Unsung-compressedEver since Katonya Breaux (the mother of Frank Ocean!) experienced sun damage in her early 30s, she made it her mission to educate all skin tones on the importance of SPF. Enter: her sunscreen brand Unsun. The tinted mineral sunscreen line instantly blends into skin to prime and color-correct, while leaving a pearlescent—not white—tint. Even better, it’s made with all-natural and clean ingredients.

  1. PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross


PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross-compressed

Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross shared her secret to perfectly coiled curls with the world when she launched the hair brand Pattern last year. But most importantly, she created a community of women who celebrate curly locks. The extensive range of products cover all basis; A hydrating shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and hair serum leave the hair soft and healthy, while like a wide clip and microfiber towel makes hair maintenance easy. Frank Ross Pharmacy, pattern tracee ellis ross.

  1. Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie-compressedThere are viral Instagram brands, and then there’s Beauty Bakerie. After Instagram went crazy for the brand’s infamous Lip Whip— which does not budge as shown in viral videos—Beauty Bakerie took off. In 2011, Cashmere Nicole followed her dream of creating a makeup company, despite battling breast cancer and being a single mom. From the ice-cream palette packaging to the dessert-themed names, Beauty Bakerie offers whimsical makeup with an even sweeter color pay-off.

  1. Beauty Stat

Beauty Stat-compressedCosmetic Chemist Ron Robinson, whose resume includes Lancôme, Estée Lauder, and Revlon, launched BeautyStat to create a vitamin C  formula that delivered all the pros (collagen production, brighter complexion, fading of acne scars) and none of the cons (instability, short half-life). While Beautystat only features three radiance-boost products (a refiner, moisturizer, and eye cream), the formulas pack a powerful punch for an immediate glow.

  1. Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen-compressed

Sunscreen is a must for all skin tones, and Shontay Lundy’s SPF is made specifically for black skin. For starters, Black Girl Sunscreen goes on completely sheer, meaning there won’t be a white cast left on the skin. And thanks to a natural cocktail of hydrating ingredients like avocado, sunflower oil, and jojoba, the skin is left super hydrated. For a bonus, the formula uses carrot juice (high in vitamin C) to boost the level of melanin in the skin and calm acne breakouts. Pattern jojoba oil curl serum!

  1. KNC Beauty

KNC Beauty-compressedKristen Noel Crawley (who shared her nighttime routine with us) started her skincare line, KNC Beauty, after becoming infatuated with lip masks and “kissable lips” while in Tokyo. She started by filling a void in the market natural lip masks, and now, two years later, she has expanded her line with star-adorned eye masks, bubbly lip balms, and Instagram-worthy lip scrubbers.

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